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Skill Book

When a skill book is used, you gain one skill point.

List of known skill books:[1]

  1. Farglow, Goblin Training Area, On top of one of the big rocks.
  2. Broken Valley, Village, Black Boar Inn, 3rd floor locked door (lockpicking 2 required), strange tome, three parts.
  3. Broken Valley, Secret Passage, Secret room with pressure plate, behind big spiderweb. Inside a chest (lockpick 2 required).
  4. Broken Valley, Citadel Dungeon, Into Thin Air. Activate the pedestals, then the switch to initiate a cut scene where a variety of weapons on chains come down from the ceiling. The skill book is on a chain that is hidden in a corner near Romon's corpse. Warning, once you pick up an item on a chain, all other items will retract to the ceiling where they are unobtainable!
  5. Broken Valley, Naberius Storage. Must mindread Naberius for the password to the door. Must get 4 Parchments and show them to ZixZax to get password for the teleporter to get to the door (alternatively, you can jump up the hill once you get your advanced Dragon Knight jump). The book is on the chair.

After Battle Tower:

  1. DKS - Completing each your platform operators' quests results in a skill book being awarded for each request.
  2. Orobas Fjords, Sinister Cavern, Book in the chest near the Book of the Dead.
  3. Orobas Fjords, High Hall Mines, Near where Mundus is located.
  4. Orobas Fjords, Red Hammer Tribe's Cave, Book on the bench behind the only door.
  5. Kali's Flying Fortress Headquarters, After killing Kali read The Demon Wars for 3 extra skill points.
  6. Stone's Flying Fortress Greenery, Drop black rose and moonshine into the spring for 1 extra skill point.
  7. Ygerna's Memory, at the very end of game, behind you where you start.

Flames of Vengeance

You'll get a skill book as part of a reward in just about any side quest.

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