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Human skill tree

There are many different types of skills in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.

Human Skills[]

Human skills are broken down into warrior, ranger and wizard skills, but there is no strict class system (i.e. all characters can use skills from any of the three categories). Of these skills, some are passive skills which are always in effect, and other are active skills which can be used on the character's skill bar.

In the skill tree you can choose new skills, or improve existing skills, with skill points gained by leveling. Skill Books also grant an extra skill point and can be found at various locations throughout Rivellon. You can immediately see all of the available skills, but most have a level requirement that must be met. Some skills can be trained to an even higher level than initially shown on the skill tree; to do this you pay gold to a Skill Trainer to increase their maximum level. A skill trainer can also completely redo your skill choices at a cost.

Active Skills[]

Passive Skills[]

Dragon Skills[]

Dragon skills can only be used in dragon form and are separate to human's, however, dragon skill points can be used to level them up. Dragon Skill Books can be found in many locations.

Creature Skills[]

The Creature uses different skills automatically depending on which head is selected at the necromancy circle.