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Help me find true liberty or sing me to the endless slumber.

Slane appears in 1242 AD on Reapers' Eye.


Slane the Winter Dragon was a free Dragon Knight before being enslaved and purged by the black ring witch Radeka . Under her leash Slane was forced to carry her to the island of Reapers' Eye. They landed on the south eastern side of the island known as Dragon's Beach where she used source chains to prevent him from speaking and binding him on spot. He remained there for so long that the land itself around him began to freeze.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related quests[]

  • Escape From Reaper's Eye
  • The Purged Dragon
    • After freeing Slane of his bonds, the Sourcerers agree to recover Radeka's purging wand for him. Depending on ones willingness to hand over the purging wand, he will either reward the Sourcerers with his help later on, or engage them in combat on the spot if they refuse to return it to him.
  • The Shriekers - Slane will defeat the shriekers if he was released by the Sourcerers from Radeka's control.

Related Achievments[]

  • The Dragonslayer
    • you have to kill Slane


  • One can obtain either Fang of the Winter Dragon or Toothpick from him.
  • Upon completing his quest Slane will take the appearance of a Lizard momentarily before taking flight; his alternate appearance.
  • He appears as a playable hero in the Arena Mode of Divinity Original Sin 2


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