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Slaves And Masters is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest runs alongside Frederick's Blood Stone and can be acquired from Frederick (found at the bottom of a cliff below Maradino's Lair entrance) or from the imp, Yox (found at the end of Maradino's Lair). In the latter case, it is necessary to begin but not complete Frederick's Blood Stone to continue the quest. Frederick explains how his imp slave pushed him off the cliff during his search for the Blood Stone hidden within Maradino's Lair. Yox will express his regret for his actions and be afraid of Federick's reprisal.


  1. Speak to Yox in Maradino's Lair to make a choice:
    • Tell Yox to face the music and return to Frederick for +1 Obedient (4500 XP). This choice ends with Yox's demise when you return to Maradino's Lair.
    • Tell Yox to stay hidden in the cave for +1 Independent (3150 XP).
      1. Find Maradino's Latest Research in his study, which contains instructions on brewing an Elixir of Courage (Apple + Pumpkin). Brew the potion, and give it to Yox (4500 XP)
      2. Return to Frederick to see Yox confront him, If Frederick is already dead, the imp will simply leave when he sees Frederick's corpse.
      3. If Frederick live You can choose to use Blood Stone on him for +1 Forgiving. If You choose to heal him he will attack You immediately


  • +1 Obedient and 4500 XP
  • +1 Independent and 3150 XP + 4500 XP