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Smoke Grenade is a type of ammunition in Divinity: Original Sin II


Smoke Grenade is a throwable grenade that deals no damage on its own but creates Smoke Cloud at the area of impact in 3 meter radius. The Smoke Cloud lasts 1 turn.

All characters can throw this grenade. However due to the grenade dealing no damage and only creating a cloud it is not possible to increase its effectiveness through abilities or attributes.

Since Smoke Grenade is a grenade it is affected by Ambidextrous talent which decreases the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1 AP when the secondary hand is free. Smoke Grenade is also affected by Slingshot which increases its range by 5 meters and by Far Out Man talent which increases range by 2 meters.


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It is not possible to craft this grenade both in the base game and through the features introduced into the game by Gift Bags.


Following table shows all items for which this item is used for.

Gift Bag Crafter's Kit
Item Type Item Type
Undeployed Smoke Trap
Undeployed Smoke Trap


  • While the description says that the smoke cloud radius is 4 meters. The actual smoke cloud radius is 3 meters (Explode radius in game).

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