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Source is the world energy of Rivellon, from which magic is born. First known to be harnessed by the eternals, the precursor race to the seven races: dwarves, elves, imps, lizards, humans, orcs and wizards. When the Seven Gods rose against their eternal brethren, Source was released into the wider world and as part of this, embedded into the seven races the Gods created as conduit to maintain the supply of Source feeding both The Gods power and the veil. As to if the eternals were the first to wield Source, there is no certainty, with some considering dragons to have been the first. [1][2][3][4] Although generally invisible to the naked eye, powerful Sourcerers have the ability to see Source itself and in certain locations it may manifest itself in crystal or orb form.[5]

The benefits and dangers have swayed the perception of Source over the aeons: in Anno Rivellonis Source allowed Sourcerers to ascend to the height of power in society, in Anno Draconis it was a tool for healing. Braccus Rex is one such notable ruler who became twisted during his rule, and Mardaneus was a notable healer among those in Aleroth.

Source through the Ages[]

Source magic has been present in Rivellon for many eras, with the earliest known researchers and users being the eternal race, from which The Seven Gods are among its most notable members; the eternals kept the use of Source as a taboo, going to great lengths to discourage and destroy any research into the subject. The taboo was finally broken by The Seven Gods, piercing the Source veil and creating their own races and using its magic to sustain them.

Following the actions of The Seven, very little is recorded directly regarding Source until 4AR when Source and its wielders were considered a scourge following the reign of the Source King Braccus Rex and his downfall due to the Order of the Source Hunters, an independent order which was established to bring about the end of his reign.[6] Knowledge of source was seemingly lost again to Rivellon until until the Age of the Damned in circa 600 AD, yet was rediscovered again in the Age of Deception.[7] Following the acceptance of Ruganol's aid by Dylan Ferol, healers learnt how to wield Source to heal others, allowing them to turn the tide against the demonic legions.[8]

Until the Age of Chaos, Source had be used to benefit society. Shortly before Lucian's rise to the Divine in 1218 AD, Source became tainted and the healers of Aleroth were no longer able to wield its power for good; the only access to powerful healing was the crystals generated by the healing statue, Fenwythus. Despite Lucian's efforts to discover the reason for the taint, Source never returned to its former prominence as a force for good; instead it became feared.

Post 1218 AD[]

Following the staged death of Lucian, the Divine Order intensified its hunt for Sourcerers, in part fuelled by the acts of Sourcerers like Windego and in part due to the appearance of the voidwoken whenever Source magic was used. Sourcerers as a whole were herded like cattle, collared and sent to Fort Joy, located on Reapers' Eye, under the guise of protecting the wider society.

This change in stance towards Sourcerers caused a division within the Divine Order. The Order of the Source Hunters, now known as the Seekers, with the assistance of Malady aided in the escape of six of the Sourcerers trapped on the island, each of which were appointed by the god of their race as Godwoken, those who are set on the path to become the next Divine.

After landing on Reaper's Coast and travelling to Arx via the Nameless Isle, the Godwoken gained both the historic knowledge and power of Source.