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Source Square is a district in the city of Aleroth that can be explored during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. Named for the Source, Aleroth's renowned magical water that heals, this district supplies the Healers' Guild with the powerful healing orbs used to treat the most serious medical conditions.

The gate to this district is closed. The Dragon Knight can enter via an alternate route, through the Forgotten Crypt in Crow's Nest. Once inside, there is a waypoint shrine in the south that can be activated for quicker travel in and out of the district.


There little to do here in comparison to the other districts. The lower, southern area of Source Square contains an entrance to the Forgotten Crypt and the district's waypoint shrine in the southwest, but nothing else of interest. Ascend the staircases, then follow the short passage to the northern area.

The elevated northern area of the district is where you'll find the Engineer and Skulk. You also meet Abbott here if he survived the final trap at the Forgotten Crypt. There several traps nearby that Abbott can disarm, if he is alive.

The northern area has a chest containing the Shadow Archer Helmet of the Shadow Archer armor set on an eastern ledge, and an entrance to the Champion Academy at the far north end. There are also four levers that must be activated to diminish the Engineer's defenses - pulling them also causes a machine to explode, killing Skulk.

When the Engineer is killed (for the quests Dead Rising and Nericon's Wrath), a chest spawns on a central platform containing a malachite gem and the Engineer's Sword for Clue IV of To Find a Wizard. This rewards the "Sharp as a Steel Trap" achievement. After killing the Engineer, the sky changes from a reddish-orange color to a blue-ish tint, if you leave and later return to the district.



Summoned by the Engineer:


  • Abbott – if not sacrificed, he wanders in the northeast after battling the Engineer
  • Engineer – on a platform in the north-central area of the district (level 41)
  • Skulk – near Champion Academy entrance