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Source vampirism is a Sourcery Skill in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Drain target living character without Magic Armour to steal 1 Source point from them. If used against a spirit they will cease to exist. If used on Shrieker they will perish.



Due to the nature of this spell, it cannot be bought from any NPCs in the game.

Main Questline and Exploration[]

Reaper's Coast

It becomes obtainable during the quest Powerful Awakening. Return to the Hall of Echoes once the second Source point is unlocked.

The Nameless Isle

In case godwoken chose not to learn the skill from their god it is possible to learn it by reading Tools of the Godwoken: Source Vampirism within the Academy of the Seven on the Nameless Isle.

Source Vampirism is located on under Memorised Skills and is considered an 'Innate Skill'. Acquiring the skill will allow players to consume spirits during certain dialog choices, with the exception of those from Electrocuted/Charred corpses.


  • If this ability is used against spirits it will make that character unable to pass the Path of Blood and obtain Lucian's Blessing as they will be deemed impure.