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Sourcerer's are individuals with the innate ability to wield Source energy. Predominately they have been considered a danger by society, however, there there have been exceptions through the ages, including Lucian, whose abilities came about from his ascension to Divinity.

Due to the nature of the Source, Sourcerers were capable of feats beyond the reaches of other magic users. Resurrection, the summoning and creation of creatures, breaking unbreakable curses. In addition to this they were capable of seeing spirits and feeding on the Source of mortal being. The most powerful of Sourcerers were masters of Source.


Although Source itself is a part of all individuals, the history of Sourcerers can be traced back to Anno Rivellonis (AR) and the rule of Braccus Rex, also known as the Sourcerer King; who used his own power to assert his position over the wider society until his removal of power by the Order of the Source Hunters. The order would continue to hunt Sourcerers until the closing years of AR, after which their operations and the use of Source magic fell into a state of obscurity. Until the Age of the Damned there was a distinct lack of Sourcery when in c. 600 Annos Deorum (AD) a distant traveller know as Ruganol taught the healers of Dylan Ferol how to wield this power again.

By 1238 AD, the number of Source users had grown exponentially, many of which never received any training or sought to use it.

List of known Sourcerers[]

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List of known Masters of Source[]