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Sourcerer Records is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Reading this book will make party members discuss about the fate of their fellow prisoners still at Fort Joy.


Prison transport vessel 'Seaborne Justice' - live cargo inventory.

For conveyance to Fort Joy under the authority of High Justice Orivand.

Maol - a male elf.
Leste - a female dwarf. Healer.
Vissar - a male lizard.
Baladir - a male human, Violent temperament.
Mody - a male human (juvenile).
Burro - a male human.
Elodi - a female elf.
Gawin - a male human.
Dominick - a male human.
Tam - a male human (juvenile).
Griff - a male human. Known racketeer & criminal authority figure.
Rulah - a female elf.
Kana - a female human.
Butter - a female human.
Margo - a female human.
Myra - a female human, Of noble Arx stock. Do not allow outside correspondence.
Han - a male human (juvenile).
Verdas - a male elf.
Hilde - a female human. Known black-marketeer
Kalias - a male lizard.
Jeth - a male human.
Fara - a female human.
Mona - a female human.
Saam - a male lizard.
Dain - a male human. Argumentative - possible troublemaker.
Laslor - a male dwarf
Unnis - a female elf.
Rezik - a male lizard.
Coral - a female human (juvenile).
Migo - a male human. Note - blood relative to a serving Magister at Fort Joy. Possible conflict of interest.
Vasnya - a female lizard.
Nebora - a female human. Some metalwork skill.
Stingtail - a male lizard.
Magilla - a female human.