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Once cast a bright magical shield of absorbing energy protects the caster from magical attacks
Skill description

Spellshield is a Mage skill in Divine Divinity.


Creates a magic and poison damage absorbing shield around Lucian which can be used simultaneously with the Aura of Guarding. In addition to the visible ward, its strength is shown in the top-left corner of the screen. It doesn't affect base resistances and will dissipate after resting.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 16 Absorbs 60 magical damage 12
2 12 Absorbs 80 magical damage 14
3 32 Absorbs 100 magical damage 16
4 40 Absorbs 120 magical damage 18
5 48 Absorbs 140 magical damage 20


  • Skillbooks can be found on bookshelves and purchased.
  • One skillbook is found in Rivertown Sewers, southern south-east, near where Greater Ghouls are encountered.