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Spirit is an attribute in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga


Determines your amount of mana.
In-game description
Points Description
1-15 You have extreme trouble concentrating and your attention span proved insufficient for basic potty training. Obviously this has a serious impact on the most elementary of magical education, not to mention your personal hygiene.
16-20 People think you're a bit unbalanced: during conversation you just can't stick to the topic or you tend to ramble on and on. Your mental health causes some worry.
21-40 Mentally you are a well-balanced human being, but you lack the strength and willpower needed to become a great mind.
41-60 The capacity of mental power you can produce and wield is impressive. You certainly stand out from among the crowd.
61-100 Not many possess the mental strength you have at your fingertips. Maxos and Zandalor be warned: a new power is rising.

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