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A rival's revenge? Another merchant's madness? O, the fever of gold is reason's bane... But it matters not what drove them to daggers, it matters who drove them into my flesh! You who hears the lament of the dead: avenge me! Kill the false Baran... Give me back my name...
Spirit of Baran Levere

Spirit of Baran Levere was a human merchant who is now haunting his murderer Callo at the second floor of Black Bull tavern in 1242 AD.


Baran Levere was a merchant, murdered by greedy Lone Wolf assassin Callo at the command of Roost Anlon in order to hunt Godwoken.[1] His restless spirit haunts his murderer and asks Godwoken to return him his name by killing his impersonator.[2]

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • His dialogue is unchanged regardless of gender, race and origin.

Related Quests[]

  • The Merchant - Baran asks Godwoken to avenge him and kill Callo.


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