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Spread your wings is a polymorph skill in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Using Spread Your Wings will give the character wings which let him hover and ignore the effects of ground based surfaces (not cloud based such as Deathfog) for 3 turns, it also grants them the skill Flight which allows you to leap large distances (great for positioning during a fight or before one). You can also reach ledges that would normally require you to use Teleport for.



  • Kvyn's Heart breastplate inside the Black House cellar gives Flight skill as long as it is equipped.


  • A permanent version of this skill is gained by receiving Lucian's Blessing from Simulacrum of Lucian at the Path of Blood. The blessing gives permanent howering status and Flight skill, as well as other additional effects and responses from NPCs.


Following table shows all NPCs who are guaranteed to sell Polymorph spellbooks, with their location and coordinates in the right column, from them. The location shown in the table (and the coordinates) are only for the initial location the NPC is in. Note that some of these may have other spell/skillbooks and goods to sell.

Trader Location (x, y) Trader Location (x, y)
Leste Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Fort Joy
(225, 99)
Exter Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Sanctuary of Amadia
(448, 19)
Ovis Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Driftwood Square
(353, 106)
Elven Thorndancer Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Elven Thorndancer
Elven camp
(509, 314)
Jawbone (Icon)
Jawbone the Merchant
Temple of Tir-Cendelius
(262, 916)
Black Ring Alchemist (Icon)
Black Ring Alchemist
Black Ring encampment
(259, 914)
Friel Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
The Cathedral
(318, 363)


Spread Your Wings Scroll (Original Sin 2) Spread Your Wings Scroll
Spread your wings scroll


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