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I serve with utter loyalty, now and forever!

Stewart is an elven magister sitting outside of the Black Bull in 1242 AD.


Stewart is a former elven magister who sits outside the Black Bull tavern. He is attempting to solve the case of the magisters gone missing due to him considering them as his comrades despite being forced to leave their ranks. He considers himself to be more of a magister rather than elf due to his rich past war experience.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Characters with Elf tag have unique dialogue option

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous
  • Sells Stewart's Old Shield


Swords Axes Maces
One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed
Bow Crossbow Daggers
Staffs Shield Wands

Related quests[]

  • The Missing Magisters
    • Inquiring about the missing magisters will award 1000 exp and start Stewart's Investigation part of the quest.
    • Telling Stewart that the Meaty Stew is made from magisters will make him run of to confront Wyvlia and give 2000 exp.

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