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Stingtail is a Lizard sourcerer imprisoned at Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Stingtail is a lizard dreamer who was collared and now resides on Fort Joy. He made his tent on beach south of the Camp Kitchen to which he retreats after finishing delivery for Griff. He is responsible for imprisonment of an elf Amyro because it was he who stole drudanae from Griff.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

The Red Prince, Sebille Kaleran and all lizard characters have unique conversation options

  • Letting Sebille (as companion) speak with Stingtail will inevitably result in his death

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous


Hydrosophist Aerothuerge Geomancer
Scroll Book Scroll Book Scroll Book
Pyrokinetic Necromancer Summoning
Scroll Book Scroll Book Scroll Book
Warfare Huntsman Scoundrel
Scroll Book Scroll Book Scroll Book
Polymorph Source Hybrid
Scroll Book Scroll Book Scroll Book

From levels 1 to 3 he sells:

At level 4 he begins to sell:

Related quests[]


  • If the Godwoken tells Griff that he is the thief he will send an assassin to kill him.