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A letter Beast found aboard a Magister ship called The Victory. It reveals a mysterious plot devised by Queen Justina - and implicates a dwarf called Lohar.

Stolen letter is a note in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


It is carried by Beast at the start of the game.


Captain Arthus,

Operation Downfall has commenced, and Her Majesty's orders are clear.

My men will make their move when the Peacemaker nears Reaper's Coast. Trust me: the Divine Order drunkards onboard won't see it coming. Sail the Victory on my signal - when the bonfire burns, under the cover of darkness.

Do not bother disembarking. We will load the cargo and then return to Driftwood; you only need to transport it. And be quick. Her Majesty does not tolerate delays.

It is time to strike. The rebellion will fall.

- Lohar