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Stone's Flying Fortress

Stone's Flying Fortress is a location owned by Black Ring member Stone. It is the first Flying Fortress you come across on your way to Champion Harbour in the Orobas Fjords. The portal to enter the fortress is across the water from the Imps' Lair (see map below). There also a second entrance, through a portal next to Needleman Storage (south of Lovis' Tower) in the Broken Valley.

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The enemies here are mostly level 26 and 27 (and some level 29 enemies in Dragon Knight Saga). An anti-dragon zone protects the center of the fortress, where Xanlosch, Isabelle, and Stone are. The fortress consists of several platforms at different elevations, which makes use of your dragon form necessary. Unfortunately there are plenty of air defenses, such as ballistas, wizard towers, and nests that make flying difficult.

If you entered from the Orobas Fjords you begin in the south-central area of the fortress. You need to proceed west, then north to a teleporter (there are a lot of enemies and air defenses to contend with along the way, as well as a handful of chests to loot). If you entered from Broken Valley, you begin in the north-central part of the fortress, and will need to proceed west, then south, to the teleporter.

Inner Passage and Fortress Headquarters Edit

You will pass through an area called "Stone's Fortress Inner Passage," which has two chests (one containing the Archmage Warhammer and a Dragon Skill Book). A book dictated by Xanlosch called Creature Training Notes can be found on the floor next to the other chest. At the end of the passage exit through another portal. This takes you to the central area of the fortress within the anti-dragon zone. Here you will find a level 27 summoner named Xanlosch and his creature named Isabelle who are part of the quest Risk Life for Limb given by the necromancer, Jonelath (only if you chose him during The Prophecy). Mindread Xanlosch to get Ulthring's Gauntlets when he is killed. Behind Xanlosch is a crystal device which generates the anti-dragon field. Simply hit it with your weapon to destroy it.

Just outside the walled-in area where you find Xanlosch, there is a smaller walled area with a teleporter that takes you to the "Fortress Headquarters" where Stone is. Mindread Stone to get Ulthring's Cuirass when he is killed. While fighting Stone (level 27) and his buddies (level 26), he will run away into a teleporter before you can kill him. The portal is to the south, but to the east there is a creature spawn portal which can be deactivated. Do NOT do this yet - returning only four of the invoker jewels (ie. before you get the fifth one after killing Stone) to the control panel prevents you from getting the small chest mentioned below. So ignore it for now, and follow Stone through the teleporter.

You end up in an arena where first you will have to face four level 27 sub-bosses (a troll, demon, goblin beholder, and several ghosts) as well as many spawned level 26 enemies such as imps all at the same time. After taking them out, then you can finally kill Stone. Up one of the ramps, opposite the way you came in, is a big chest which contains one of five invoker jewels (all the doors up these ramps are locked too and cannot be lockpicked). When you go back to Stone's Fortress Headquarters, proceed east to where the portal control panel is (there are a lot of walking armor enemies spawning here). Grab the four invoker jewels nearby, and insert all five (four in the same room and one in the aforementioned treasure chest) to stop the enemies from spawning and reveal a small chest.

Greenery Edit

Divinity 2 Stone's Flying Fortress whispering fountain

Whispering fountain

On the far east end of the fortress there is a teleporter to the greenery. Here you encounter an upgraded version of an enemy that you have not faced in a long time, Armored Boar Pets, along with other enemies. There is a chest with special herb buds (flagged as quest items) near the center of the greenery, and a whispering fountain in another room to the south. Use the fountain with two of the herbs to receive one of ten possible rewards (you can only use it once). Research notes written by Stone found nearby mention some of the herb bud combinations he has already tried. Most of the rewards are useful bonuses or unique weapons, but some combinations yield no reward or a useless reward such as a broom. The herb that you place in the fountain first is the plant that will grow along with the reward, otherwise the order in which they are placed is inconsequential.

Black RoseFanny BlossomBroom
Black RoseHoly BasilWellCrafted Heavy Iron Axe [sic]
Black RoseMoon ShineSkill Point (1)
Black RoseOak TearsBalanced Heavy Short Bow
Fanny BlossomHoly BasilNormal Light Iron Cleaver
Fanny BlossomOak TearsExperience (5000)
Fanny BlossomMoon ShineBalanced Light Steel Sword
Holly BasilMoon ShineNormal Light Noble Hammer
Holly BasilOak TearsStat Points (5)
Moon ShineOak TearsNo reward

In the same room as the fountain, there is another chest in the southeast corner containing a piece of Dragon Armor and other loot.

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Location of Orobas Fjords entry:
Divinity 2 Jievaras map

Map of Stone's Flying Fortress:
Divinity 2 Stone's Flying Fortress map

Bugs Edit

  • You might not want to take out the shield generator by Xanlosch from afar with a bow and then take Dragon Form immediately after dialogue to take out the two flying enemies Lord Wahat and Admiral Mirihim who appear before letting Xanlosch talk to you again. This caused his calling them out for aid after the protagonist killed them, and Xanlosch and his creature became non-hostile non-interactive non-killable NPCs, thus the player can not currently complete the Risk Life for Limb quest.