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Stone's Fortress Greenery is a dungeon located on Stone's Flying Fortress in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


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Stone's Geenery is located through the portal in the east of Stone's Flying Fortress.

Of note in the greenery is an unlocked chest containing a Moon Shine Bud, Oak Tears Bud, Black Rose Bud, Fanny Blossom Bud and a Holy Basil Bud. Also there is a fountain in which two buds can be dropped for a reward and can only be used once.

The combination of the buds dropped into the fountain determines the reward ranging from herbs, Stat Points, Skill Points and weapons. The first of the two buds dropped in will also give you a herb of the same kind as the bud.

Bud legend
  • O = Oak Tears Bud
  • B = Black Rose Bud
  • M = Moon Shine Bud
  • F = Fanny Blossom Bud
  • H = Holy Basil Bud
Reward for combinations
  • O+B = Balanced Heavy Shortbow
  • O+M = Oak Tears
  • O+F = 5000 XP
  • O+H = 5 Stat Points
  • B+M = 1 Skill Point
  • B+F = Nothing (a broom comes out, you cannot pick it up)
  • B+H = Well Crafted Heavy Iron Axe
  • M+F = Balanced Light Steel Sword
  • M+H = Noble Light Normal Hammer
  • F+H = Noble Light Iron Cleaver