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Divinity 2 Crabbe back at Champion Harbour

Crabbe back at Champion Harbour

This quest is given by Crabbe after completing Red Ore Alert for him. Some Champions were supposed to pick him up but they haven't showed up. He asks you to go to Champion Harbour and ask them to send someone for him. The Zeppelins are of course not able to fly yet when you arrive, and you must complete the quest On The Road Again for Page so the Zeppelins will be running again. Talk to Page and he says he will send people right over. A little later Crabbe will be standing near Sepp and you can talk to him for your reward.

Reward Edit

  • 4500 exp and 800 gold
  • One choice from: 2250 exp, 400 gold, 1 body part, 1 gem, 10 herbs, 5 ore, or 3 potions