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Stories from Forgotten Kingdoms, Part 2 is a book in Divine Divinity. The text is in German and the original title is Geschichten aus vergessenen Königreichen and can be found unaltered on the German wiki.


  • Found in the Easter egg room with the silver/Larian armour


Part II


Then Ulath turned back to Eolus and the dwarf who had introduced themselves to them as Krasnegar. At Eolus' comment about a way to avoid the bad weather, he frowned thoughtfully, as if considering whether or not to say something about it ... "What do you want here? Did Sam take you to me? Where is the old black burner anyway? Come on in! It will start raining soon! " The dwarf looked grumpily from one to the other. He never thanked the heroes for their help. Had they known him better, they would have known that the invitation to his hut was an unusually high honor for them. Contemptuously, he gave the corpse a violent kick as he passed. The group followed the dwarf into the dwelling, which fortunately turned out to be much more spacious inside than it looked from the outside. "I'm not prepared for so many visitors. I don't have that many chairs. Some of you will have to sit on the floor." Strictly speaking, there was exactly ONE chair in the hut, on which the dwarf now sat himself. Ulath exchanged an amused look with Thorwyn, and they both sat down on the floor in front of the dwarf, which brought their heads to about the same height.

Now Sajet, Aidan, Derlaf, the stray and the fox followed the request somewhat hesitantly and sat down. Xera stopped near the door and Eolus was too proud to let himself down on the bare floor. Bear's paw trotted over to Krasnegar and started licking his hand. Since he was ignored, however, he soon sneaked back to Aidan and settled next to him. Krasnegar identified Ulath as the likely leader, mainly because the others were now looking expectantly at the Thirvalder. "A good sip, sir?" Krasnegar nodded in satisfaction when he saw Ulath wiping his tongue over his upper lip at the words. Aaaaaah, with Ingris, a connoisseur! That was a good prospect for the rest of the day! "There's a little barrel over there in the corner, boy. And a couple of cups." said Krasnegar, looking in the direction of Aidan. Aidan jumped up and Thorwyn rose too. The barrel was pretty full to the brim with a clear, pungent-smelling liquid. Thorwyn grimaced at the smell. Bacchus be gracious to them. They would have to "carry" Ulath to the Lindwurm. That much was clear!

"So, you want to hunt a real kite, don't you? Children, children! It makes minced meat out of you! You green boys, you have no idea what you're getting into!" "Oh wassss! Wiwiwiwiwe'll get him - * hicks *, sorry - we'll be fine!" Ulath couldn't really remember when the SECOND dwarf had come. But he bravely kept eye contact with the little guy in the middle.

There was a tremendous rumble from outside. It would not be long before it started to rain.

"Can you tell us where we can get a suitable guide through the mountains?" Thorwyn asked. Just like everyone else - except Ulath and the dwarf - he had consumed very little of the hot dwarf liquor. Aidan had sipped only once and Xera had even completely refrained from enjoying it. "Well, I would normally recommend e-you Sam as a guide! Nobody knows, uhem knew the mountains like Sam! But you already buried him! * Hicks * Shame, who brings me my Schna-aps here now out? - Well, there would also be the possibility to go to a Gollgräber. But now ... and especially with this company, I can only rub it off! " Krasnegar nodded briefly towards the forest elf, whom he had so far "overlooked". "

Suddenly Krasnegar was apparently sober again. All heads had been spun around when there was a dull, loud rumble outside the door. Bear's paw started to growl loudly. Ulath wanted to start up quickly, following his instincts of warriors, but his senses clouded with schnapps made him stagger with the sudden movement. He got in the way of the dwarf who was about to rush towards the door. Thorwyn and the fox were also knocked down by the human ball consisting of Thirvalder and dwarf.

Eolus didn't move and just looked in amazement and numbness in the direction of the hut entrance. It was Sajet who, pushing Xera out of the way, was the first to stand at the closed door with her swords drawn. As if by magic, Derlaf had suddenly appeared at the door and opened it. The stray prepared his throwing knife. Sajet's muscles tensed ...

The moment the door opened, a flash of lightning lit up the now dark landscape. Astonished, everyone looked at the door threshold inside the hut and suddenly registered the unexpected. The man's body, which had been right outside the door, was no longer there! Another flash of lightning brightened the scene and almost at the same time the loud crack of thunder sounded. And as if Efferd had opened all the sky locks at once, a wild downpour began to pound down on the hut ...

"Damn it ... we should have seen if he was still alive!" Eolus stroked his beard carefully. He was a little suspicious of the matter, which is why he pushed past the others and said: "I'll take care of it." left the hut. The others saw the rain roll off their robes. Then he disappeared. Only when a flash of lightning illuminated the landscape could they see him again as a dark silhouette.

Eolus sharpened his senses, the guy couldn't have gone far. So we had to carefully enter the forest. He dropped his wand "Jendron" and grabbed "Fendron", the consecrated sword hanging on his back. Then he stroked his eyes and at that moment he could see the figure behind a bush. He looked around, then took "Fendron" firmly in his hand and called over to the bush: "Surrender, then I will spare you. You will be handed over to the lawful authorities and you will receive your just punishment. Fights and you will to die."

Something stirred in the bushes ... The robber leapt toward Eolus with a cry. "You will die either way ..." he hissed at Eolus. Eolus avoided the knife the attacker was holding in his hand. Then he turned around at lightning speed and aimed at the robber's lower left side. He let the knife twitch to the side but noticed the change of direction of the sword too late. Gargling, he collapsed as the sword pierced his heart. With open eyes he looked at Eolus who said to him: "Go to hell for your deeds." Then he put his foot on and pulled out the sword. The robber died.

Eolus wiped his sword on the robber's wet clothes. Then he harbored it. Then he put "Fendron" back in his scabbard and held out his hand in the direction of the beginning of the forest where his stick moved in the air and came to him. Then he went back to the hut. He walked around in a circle and then entered the hut again. Without saying a word, he returned to his seat and motioned for the others to continue where they had left off. No one would enter the hut from outside today, so they were safe until morning, from any magical as well as human surprise.

Thorwyn glanced at Ulath. "Well, today there won't be any plans forging," he thought. Krasnegar looked a bit more sober, but considering the fights that had just ended and it was probably better to wait until morning to plan. "I suggest we all look for a place to sleep on the floor here and continue discussing tomorrow," he said to the others. "Aidan could sing us a few more songs, of course only if our host doesn't mind!" Thorwyn looked at Krasnegar questioningly. "Should I maybe put you in front of the door in the rain? A bard in my house is something too. Make yourself comfortable, I don't have more space and I don't have enough to eat for all of you for several days enough!" Krasnegar looked a little grim but not unfriendly at the bard. He waved to Thorwyn and pointed to the shelf in the corner: "There is a little bread and apples you can hand out, there is water in the barrel next to it, for those who don't want schnapps." Thorwyn distributed water and brandy and everyone made himself comfortable.

Aidan sat up straight, tuned his instrument and began to play some of his songs. The others sat or lay on the floor listening to the songs and eating their own and the dwarf's supplies. Xera set out to hunt with the fox or stray the next day to replenish the dwarf's supplies. She was a little suspicious of dwarves, but this one seemed peaceful. Ulath was the first to sleep, and the others quickly got tired. Sajet got up: "I think we should put up a guard anyway." "Not necessary," said Eolus, "I magically protected the hut. You can only go out and not in. So if one of you goes out, you have to stay out until morning at sunrise." The fox pondered, well, he would sneak out at the time of his transformation if anyone was still awake and there was a risk that they would notice. "So let's sleep." Aidan put the lute back in her sleeve and tried to make herself comfortable on the hard floor. Well, at least what was warm and dry, he probably couldn't hope for a bed anytime soon.

The old wizard had reached the first foothills of the mountains. The coming storm meant nothing good. The clouds wrapped around his mind like an evil veil. He had to concentrate hard to fight the rising uncertainty. He now needed all the mental strength to face the impending calamity. The "ogre incident" had given him a lead of about a day. Without knowing it, the princess had given him an advantage by intervening in history. Compared to the powers he soon had to face, it was the minor problem. He hoped the group of heroes could stand by him, even if he had to do the difficult part alone. However, he hoped that something would disturb "His" attention. If it were missing, much harm would come to the country and "they have nothing but gold and the love of the princess in their heads". Something else gave him a headache. With his intervention, fiery intervention, he feared that they might see him as an enemy. He sat under a ledge on the edge of the forest and sent his dreams to Krasnegar's accommodation with the clouds. He was certain that they would be with the dwarf at the moment. "May dreams give you a taste of the future." that they could see him as an enemy. He sat under a ledge on the edge of the forest and sent his dreams to Krasnegar's accommodation with the clouds. He was certain that they would be with the dwarf at the moment. "May dreams give you a taste of the future." that they could see him as an enemy. He sat under a ledge on the edge of the forest and sent his dreams to Krasnegar's accommodation with the clouds. He was certain that they would be with the dwarf at the moment. "May dreams give you a taste of the future."

The stray slept restlessly. He even woke up several times. He slept near the door because he was afraid that if there was a fire, he would not be able to get out of the door in time and burn miserably. So it was his habit to sleep near the door. ... and once he actually woke up drenched in sweat! It burned! He had sensed it exactly! Quickly, to the door! Fetch water! Awaken the others! He started, and ... there was nothing. He had just imagined it all. On the contrary, it was relatively cold in the hut, because it was getting colder at night. Everyone slept quietly as if nothing had happened, only the "fox" was missing ...

When he slept on, he dreamed of the kite, and most recently of a unicorn, who whispered soothingly and softly: "Don't worry about it! Dreams can be references to the past or the future, but they are fleeting! Sleep now, because Tomorrow will be a long day! "

That night the magic of the unicorn lost its effect.

It was getting dark as Xera awoke. The hut smelled of a mixture of sweat and alcohol. Definitely not very pleasant for an elf nose! Xera decided to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. The rain had stopped, although the sky was still covered with clouds. You couldn't see far. Thick wisps of fog pulled trees through you. Xera went to the forest. She had noticed a small stream yesterday and decided to refresh herself. The cold water drove out her tiredness and so she decided to look for herbs and game for a while. She had occasionally noticed a movement in the stream as well. There could be fish. Maybe it was enough for breakfast for everyone. But the fog and poor visibility prevented a successful hunt. A few berries grew on the edge of the stream, but not enough for everyone, but Xera served it as breakfast. "The hunt must be postponed until the fog clears up a bit," Xera thought and ran back to the hut.

When the stray woke up, the air in the house was so stuffy that he had to go outside to get some fresh air. Outside there was already Xera and the guy everyone called "the fox". "Why were you outside? You knew that nobody could go in afterwards !?" the stray asked the "fox". "Well," said the one, "I had to get out in the middle of the night. An urgent need drove me out." "What 'need'?" asked the elf, who didn't know the expression yet. "Well, I had to 'relieve myself', what all people do when they are in the toilet!" he answered. Little by little the rest came out of the hut. Now Sajet and Thorwyn stepped out of the hut and flanked their host. "How do we get from here?" Thorwyn was asking. "It is best to always head towards the mountains. After about 4 hours you will reach a small trickle. You have to follow this for a distance until you reach the entrance of a gorge. You have to follow this. It continues to climb until it runs out to a wide plateau. There you stay a little bit east to avoid the first gold digger settlement and then ... "" At Reshtolla! " Sajet interrupted the description of the dwarf. "We need a guide in any case. Don't you think the gold miners could be persuaded?" "I strongly advise you not to contact the rabble. You can hardly be trusted, but at the moment it would be suicide to try ..." "Couldn't you lead us ...?" Thorwyn asked desperately. "Why should I? What did I lose in the mountains?" Krasnegar grimaced wildly. "Besides, I can imagine better than coming across a grave section with your company ..." Krasnegar glanced at the elf, who was helping Aidan put his leather backpack into a relatively comfortable walking position to. "But we helped you ..." Thorwyn began. "I didn't ask you to!" "But ..." "Nothing. What a crazy idea to challenge a dragon ... At Igrimm's forge!" "Well, then we have to try to help the dwarfs on our own ..." Sajet murmured and gave Krasnegar a secret look from the corner of his eye. "How was that? What dwarves?" Your host seemed to be jumping on the bait. "Well, we heard the dragon locked a whole group of dwarfs in its cave system and is now forcing them to mine gold ore for him ..."

Krasnegar looked at Sajet with narrowed eyes. What was this woman saying ... She was clearly trying to manipulate him. Although, it could be that she was right. He had also heard stories of missing dwarf clans that were said to be held by dragons. Could that be true? And hadn't the neighboring village also been among the disappeared then. You had to help them! He had stored provisions for the winter in a chamber below his hut. He had to touch up his old chain mail a bit and sharpen his hunting knife and ... wait a minute! Now he was already thinking of going on some crazy hunt for a dragon with these crazy people. "Man, Kras, what a sentimental old fool you are." His face petrified. "Under no circumstances will I lead you! I'm not insane. With Igrimm!" "Let it go, Sajet!" Thorwyn said and shrugged. "The dwarf is just too old for such a task! You have to understand that ..." "WAAAAAS! You young bung. I too OLD? That is ... I have more combat experience in my little toe than you Can you imagine even remotely. Soon you will say that I would be afraid of the task, huh? Well, you will see. In an hour we will leave here. Whether you are finished or not ... WE won't wait for you then ... Too old ... What nonsense ... "

Krasnegar turned to the entrance of his hut and began - still grumbling and scolding - to finish up a leather backpack, get supplies from his floor closet and pull out an old chain mail. Sajet and Thorwyn looked at each other with a grin, and Thorwyn winked at the southerner.

He was dead! Totally dead! Dead as dead! Or almost! He was as little alive as it seemed possible! The big-voice giant was so exhausted, so exhausted, that each of his shallow breaths seemed almost too much for him. He had used all of his magic and more. So much that he almost paid for the effort with his life. He had collapsed for the first time after feeling the knife of that damn dwarf on his back. These damned dogs had already thought he was dead after his people started the cowardly retreat. His luck! He lay on the doorstep for long hours while the wound had slowly closed itself. He was pretty weak after that. Unfortunately, when he tried to stand up, he hit the wooden door with a loud bang. Now he had to hurry. They must have heard the sound inside. He had dragged himself away from the hut with a tremendous amount of energy. Luckily he remembered his healing potion, which he always carried with him for emergencies. It had been damn expensive, but now it had more than paid off. He swallowed it. Now it would not be long before new energy would fill him. He had reached the edge of the forest overgrown with bushes and broke the green belt. So far there has been no sign of a pursuer. Were the dogs deaf? Well, luck ...

Then the door opened and a bright glow fell from the inside to the outside. It was pretty dark. A flash of lightning brightened the surroundings and the rain started. A single figure moved away from the hut's entrance. A cowl floated toward the edge of the forest, carrying a long staff in one hand. An "Odem Arcanum" told him that the man was indeed a magician, and not just one of those impostors who believed that a robe would earn them fear and respect. Now it was getting dangerous again ...

Now the person approaching called him to come out and surrender. Was this guy really that naive? But he also knew that he was lacking the strength to perform a magical duel in the current state. The strange magician had now reached the forest and was drawing a sword. Then he had the idea of ​​how he would act. It would cost him all of his astral energy and probably more ... He was clearly risking his life, but it had to be ...

When the strange magician left the battlefield, firmly convinced that he had finally killed his enemy, the giant looked briefly at the completely dismembered, dead rabbit body lying on the forest floor. His face briefly twisted into a pained grin before falling to the ground, exhausted, from where he was only supposed to rise many hours later ...

While the dwarf was looking for his things, the others were preparing to continue their journey. The dwarf had sacrificed some of his supplies so that they had enough food for 1-2 days. Krasnegar came humming out of his house again: "Still it is not clear how we want to get safely through the mountains! There are two ways, one is not accessible with an elf and the other does not bring me 10 horses." Ulath asked: "Which 2 ways can you explain that in more detail, you already indicated that with the elf, what's going on?" Krasnegar sat grumpily on a log in front of his house, which he probably liked to use from the bank, and lit his pipe. "There are 2 possible routes through the mountains. One is strenuous and takes almost 2 days, the other relatively comfortable and takes about 12-14 hours. The first is not accessible to an elf. After about 3-4 hours of walking you will reach a gold mining settlement. A few days ago, one of their settlements was attacked by a group of forest elves, it is said. Since then they have been hunting elves. So if you leave the elf behind we could risk walking there, but we're not safe from assaults as the gold miners see enemies in every armed force who want their gold. A small, harmless-looking group certainly has no problems. You have to understand them, they have often been attacked by pulling gangs! I even suspect that the alleged robbery of the elves was only faked by another greedy gang. I have never seen elves in the mountains. You don't know what you can do with gold and ores. They don't even use steel tips for their arrows! Well, you can hunt rabbits with wooden arrows!

The other way, well. About 400 years ago, dwarfs started looking for gold around here. A large mine was built at the foot of the mountains, which extended far into the mountain. After another hundred years, the miners came out of a natural cave system, which led further into the mountains. It was determined by measurements that it went almost to the other end of the mountain range. So the dwarves continued to dig for many years until an exit was created on the other side. The path through the mountain was expanded, and in some cases even used by traders. So far so good. Only then did we dig side tunnels and came across another natural cave. Of the dwarf groups that were sent out to explore the cave, none ever came back, and more!

I can draw a map of the cave for you, but I will never enter the cave again. In principle, it is not difficult to find the way. You always have to stick to the right wall. There are three branches, but these are only short dead ends because there was only dead rock. After 3-4 hours you come to a well-ventilated former relaxation room, where there are stone benches and a fireplace. Then the passage goes a little further and leads into the natural cave system. There are several cavities that are strung together like a string of pearls. Again you have to keep to the right. On the left side there are many paths that lead into mining tunnels. You would get lost in it. In the largest of the caves, you can recognize them by a small natural waterfall, the path that leads to the second system where our people disappeared Then there are two small caves. In them you should definitely pay attention to the mushrooms on the walls, I hope they still exist. You can eat them, they are a good remedy, but not more than two mushrooms, otherwise they lead to hallucinations. You can make them into a pulp and put them on wounds to prevent gangrene and accelerate healing, and you can dry them and make them into powder, which still has the same effect. I would be very grateful if you could get me some. After these small caves the path created by dwarves comes again, it leads without further side tunnels to the other end of the mountains. From the exit it goes a little downhill and you can get back on the main path, nearby there is a lake with lots of fish.

Krasnegar got up and grabbed his backpack. "Let's go first, there are still 4 hours to the edge of the mountains and the cave entrance and enough time to make plans. If everything goes well, we'll be there at lunchtime." He pointed to a box on the side wall of the hut. "Inside is my old miner's lamp, an oil bottle and a couple of torches if you want to take some." Ulath thought it couldn't hurt, it didn't sound so dangerous with the cave and took the lamp. Sajet and Derlaf grabbed a few torches and the group followed the dwarf, who led them back to the main path and on to the mountains.

The path was softened and difficult to walk. The previous day's heavy rain had left mud and puddles behind. At least it wasn't raining anymore. The slowly rising temperature led to fog that moved through the forest. Fortunately, the view was so clear that the path was easy to see and the group would notice enemies in time. The fog seemed to fall off the stray and the fox, they had already disappeared into the forest. Xera shook her head in amazement. The way was already wet enough from the rain, she had no need to fight against the water from the trees and bushes. Krasnegar, who ran Ulath and Thorwyn at the head of the group, discussed how to proceed. The dwarf was very keen to leave the elf behind and choose the way over mountains. It was longer but you knew your enemies. Perhaps the gold miners were also peaceful.

Xera tried to understand the others' words, but couldn't, she just saw Ulath shake her head several times. Well, actually, she would regret it if she couldn't keep up. So far, apart from the elves in her village and some wandering traders, she had hardly met anyone. She had left her village to discover the world and so Aidan had met her at the right time with his wish to free the princess. When the others came along, it became more and more interesting. These people were so different. Ulath this giant, but also the unobtrusive stray, the magician and strong Sajet, everything was so interesting and new. Even the dwarf. She had never seen one before, only heard rumors about the dwarves. In the village you weren't exactly good to talk to,

The goddess Tsar was angry. She was annoyed that this giant had used this little innocent rabbit! That this rabbit had been killed to pretend to someone else! She was just carrying the rabbit away to give it a new shape and set it down where the giant would never get. She thought about it and decided to teach this giant a lesson. If necessary, she would sit with Prejus or Rondar ...

Prejus was not very impressed or interested when Tsar arrived with the body of the battered rabbit ("... how was that now, it's about a BUNNY ????"), but in Rondar, which every cowardly fight is against , the goddess found the expected advocate. In fact, the two like-minded people were already taking measures against the giant when he received the approval from a very unexpected side: namely from Borrun! "Know that this being is walking under Borrun's mercy!" The following dispute did not bring much, since it had never been Borrun's way of saying many words. And even now he didn't make any explanation.

It was finally agreed to let things take their natural course. No hand of the gods should intervene in the further events. Prejus was chosen to confirm that the agreement was observed by both sides.

After a while the path became rockier and a little steeper. The trees thinned out. The fog had cleared too. The mountains were already clearly visible. The group made good progress. It was a little quieter. The steep path was a bit difficult for Aidan in particular. "I should probably leave my pub and go hiking more often," he thought. Around noon they came to a clearing right on a mountain slope. The path apparently ended here. Remains of buildings, probably barracks, were still visible in the clearing. Krasnegar referred to a barrack that was still in very good condition and only lacked the roof. "We can rest there, at the back at the other end of the clearing a narrow path continues into the mountains. The entrance to the cave is also overgrown here by some bushes. I would suggest that the elves, foxes and strays search the area for food. Our singer takes care of a fire and the rest of us try to find the entrance to the cave. If you are wondering about the barracks when we were still working in the cave, some traders had their warehouses here. After we left the cave 50 years ago, everything fell into disrepair. "

No one in the group objected to the dwarf's suggestion, so Xera, the stray and the fox disappeared into the forest to look for food. Aidan rummaged through the dilapidated barracks and found some flammable pieces of wood and an old rusty pot. In the barrack that the dwarf had pointed out, the remains of a fireplace were still to be found and Aidan had no problems lighting a fire. The barrack had surely served some travelers for a rest. Three walls were preserved and it already offered some protection. His companion Bear's Paw found the warmth of the fire pleasant and stretched out next to the fireplace. Aidan smiled and scratched the dog: "Watch the fire, I'll be right back!" He took the old pot and went to the brook he had seen on the edge of the clearing. He wanted to see whether the pot was suitable for making tea. Krasnegar meanwhile lead the others to the rock wall. "Where's a cave here?" ask Ulath. The dwarf smiled and took his ax and started hitting a bush. "First of all, some work is necessary!" Sajet took a closer look at the spot. There was actually a dark area behind the bushes. That could be a wooden door. For the time being, there was nothing else she could do than try not to stand in the way of Krasnegar and Ulath, who had also picked up an ax.

It took a while for the bushes to be pushed back until the door, or rather the boarded-up cave entrance, was fully accessible. So there really has been no one here in the last few years. The dwarves had nailed planks across the original door to prevent anyone from accidentally entering the cave. Then nature did the rest to cover the tracks.

Somewhere ... Somewhere in the vastness, On the edge of a forest, next to a fallen tree, A little rabbit boy was born. It would feel good ...

Thorwyn separated himself from the group. The sword apparently once again "felt" the insatiable urge to dump it. "Well, if I remember correctly," the sword began, "the meat of the ogre felt like the forest man that my previous owner was dealing with one day." It gave the impression that it "remembered" ... "Back then," it started again, "my previous owner was on a trip with a couple of fellow travelers through a mountain range. So what a mountain range I don’t know, I’m not a geographer, but then we were suddenly attacked by forest people! Maybe that was a fight, I can tell you! Man against forest man! Sword against club! pretty hard! I almost tore it then!) My previous owner rammed me into the flesh of these hideous forest people a few times, and then suddenly the fight was over. We had won! And that was a good thing, otherwise I would be possible rusted in the cold earth! Unthinkable! " The sword suddenly stopped. "I think I'm getting hoarse!" it suddenly burst out in a harsh voice. "I think I should be quiet for a while now!" Thorwyn sighed in relief. Then he turned back to the others.

Krasnegar tore the boards down with his ax and opened the door. "It's not even locked!" Ulath wondered. "What for? The boards are only used to prevent someone from accidentally going in, we didn't want to prevent one of the missing people from being able to get out." "So we also have no problems with the door on the other side?" Krasnegar shook his head: "No, certainly not. The boards are rotten. But you should still secure the entrance a bit afterwards." Ulath looked into the opening. Not much to see. Well, without torches it was no different. The air was stale but it didn't smell unusual. Well. First of all, they would take a break and decide how to proceed. Ulath looked around, Thorwyn was gone and Eolus was nowhere to be seen. He shrugged that they would show up again. Ulath beckoned Sajet, Krasnegar and Derlaf and they went together to the barrack that the dwarf Aidan had pointed out. The bard had meanwhile recognized the pot as usable and heated water with some herbs. Ulath and Krasnegar would certainly reject the tea, but Sajet and Xera will surely appreciate a warm potion. Aidan sat next to Bear's Paw to rest and wait for the rest of the group. The clouds were a bit raised and the sun could be seen from time to time. It had reached its highest level and was just shining into the barrack whose south wall was missing.

It was afternoon, and the whole group had come together again, except for the stray and the fox, who were scouting the surrounding area. Ulath had leaned forward and looked into the deep black throat of the cave. "Did anyone think of torches?" Krasnegar pushed forward without a word and handed him one. "At the back, in the further course of the corridor, there should actually be a sufficient supply." "Does anyone have fire ...?" As if out of nowhere, the stray animal appeared next to Ulath and handed him flint and tinder. "No human soul to be seen ..." The stray had scouted the eastern part of the gorge. Ulath lit the torch and held it so that the light shone on the beginning of the passage. "You really want to go into this maze?" Krasnegar asked doubtfully. "It is not very funny, I tell you ..." "Oh, don't be so superstitious!" Thorwyn said. "If your card is correct ..." "I made it myself!" Krasnegar's voice sounded slightly offended. "But I still think ..."

Suddenly the fox appeared in the middle of the group and, somewhat breathless, reported. "We are not alone here. There is a large camp outside our earshot, in a small forest. I heard a lot of voices and I have people ..." The fox broke off. He almost said "people scented". He had to be more careful if he wanted to keep his little secret. "A camp? Probably gold diggers!" Krasnegar said. "We should avoid any contact in the current situation ..." "Yes, yes, but there is a problem ..." said the fox. "When I tried to sneak closer, I heard a terrible scream. Followed by a roaring laughter. Then I will be back to report to you." "What does this have to do with us? If the graves kill each other now," said Eolus coldly. "We can't just ignore that!" Sajet glared at the magician. "What if people caught an innocent elf and are now torturing him? We have to at least see what's going on." Xera looked gratefully at the southerner. "I also vote for it!" "Should we split up?" asked Derlaf. "Part of us stays here, another part of the tunnel?" "It's a very big camp! Lots of people!" The fox looked around evocatively. "We should stay together for now!" Ulath decided. "But it won't be easy to sneak up on the camp on bright day!" The stray and the fox wrinkled their noses contemptuously.

Amazingly, it was Eolus who unselfishly suggested sneaking up on himself. But Xera interrupted him: "I'll take it over. And I'll take Krasnegar with him, he knows the gold miners best ..." "HOW TO TAKE IT? Maybe you want to make me invisible, WHAT? I don't want to do anything with this rotten magic have to do ... "Krasnegar was really getting angry. Finally it was Sajet and Thorwyn who convinced him. So Xera took the old dwarf by the hand and pulled him towards the camp. The fox accompanied them a bit to show them the exact way. When Xera started to make herself invisible and of course everything she was holding, the fox smiled when he saw Krasnegar keep his eyes closed convulsively.

The stray looked after the two ... He had never seen anything like it. He had always heard stories of people who would sneak around invisibly, but didn't really believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. Similar to the unicorn ... He was at least glad that he could sneak in the dark to some extent. He had had to train hard for a long time. He was glad to be so good at it now because he thought it was safer for him. He was surprised that there were more people who could be as silent as he was. On the one hand there was the elf Xera. He hadn't had much to do with elves yet. But now he saw that there were more different "elf cultures"; because this was clearly a forest elf, as he knew from what he knew recognized. And forest elves, he concluded, were particularly good at sneaking in the forest. Second, there was this guy that everyone called "the fox". A funny guy! There were things about him that didn't seem right to him, well, human. He thought to himself that this guy was astonishingly good at sneaking and recognizing dangers. He would do well as a ranger. But there was probably more?!?

The stray sighed, hoping that this whole action would work with the cave. He wondered if it was a good thing that everyone would go into the cave or if it was better for some to stay outside the cave? After all, they were stocked to some extent, but what came behind the mountains? Would your supplies be enough? And what kind of strange camp was the "Fox" discovered? Was it a danger? He felt the urge to take a look at the whole thing, but resisted, thinking that with two invisible scouts, it would all be a lot easier - and safer! So his thoughts had returned to the starting point.

Eolus shrugged and looked after the elf. With a soft smile, he saw the change and then turned, "Could we then, or why are we still as rooted in the area?" He looked at the others waiting: "How does it look, are we storming the cave or do you have any other tactics, marching order, security measures?"

He had his sword on his back and his staff firmly in his hand. Waiting, he stroked the staff gently with the other hand, he felt the force that flowed through the wood, like his body, with a gesture he made a luminous ball the size of his head appear, which formed over the staff: "Well, let's go conquer the caves! " and entered the light-lit entrance ...

Ulath shook her head. That magician! "Go ahead and have a look. I think the rest of us are waiting here until the elf and the dwarf are back. Let's see if our musician has got a fire." He went to the barrack where he suspected Aidan, the others followed him. A little break before the storm on the cave would definitely do you good. However, Ulath couldn't help smiling when he found Aidan sleeping next to the now almost extinguished fire. At least there was still enough wood to light it up again.

"Good idea," said Sajet, looking at the sleeping Aidan. "The sun is going down soon. Let's gather a few more powers until the two come back. Who will take over the first watch?" "I wanted to look at the map again anyway," said Ulath. "You can lie down a little or take a closer look at the area."

Sajet pulled Aidan's blanket out of his luggage and covered the bards. Once the sun went down, it would be extremely cold. Hookhand had already wrapped himself in his blankets and was snoring loudly. The fox was sitting on the north wall with his eyes closed, but Sajet doubted he was really asleep. Sajet wrapped himself in her blanket next to Aidan.

Sajet ran through the dunes. She loved to feel the still hot sand under her bare feet and to look at the beautiful starry sky above. In front of her the old temple rose from the sand. Orju, her foster father, was the last priest of these almost forgotten four gods. Their tribe was the last to still practice this ancient cult. Orju had always hoped that she would be the next priest. He had always claimed that the gods had chosen them to do so, and that the circumstances found in the desert spoke for it. But Sajet had never been connected to the four deities. Well, if she was honest, she had never looked for it. Everything supernatural made her fear. Whether they were ghosts and demons or gods.

She hesitated briefly at the entrance to the sanctuary. The strength that radiated from the old walls was terrifying. She had gotten to know many sacred places during her trip and perceived a powerful charisma in all of them. But nowhere had it been as intense as in this small, unassuming temple. Sajet straightened up and entered the sanctuary.

The room was not very large and was dominated by the four life-size deities. In the middle of the room was a simple stone sacrificial table. Sajet looked at the four deities. Sa sat on the left, the goddess with the cat's head and sword in hand. Sa meant earth in her language. She was Sajet's goddess of protection and she also got her name from her. Sajet, which means daughter of the earth. Sa was responsible for everything that affected people. Ju stood next to Sa, which meant water. Ju had a fish head and was holding a disk in which numerous animals and plants were engraved. Water meant life, and Ju was the creator and keeper of all living things. All life came out of the water according to the belief of their tribe, and therefore no animal from the water could be harmed. Ma had the cobra next to Ju. Ma meant secret in her language and this goddess stood for everything mysterious and supersensible. Ma brought death and wisdom to people. Next to Ma was To, the sky. This falcon-headed winged god stood for truth and eternity. When the names of the gods were pronounced together, they gave the word Sajumato, which meant world. As always, Sajet had to smile at the pun again. When Sajet wanted to turn around to leave the room, the walls blurred and she was standing in a clearing with a small fish pond. "Do you really think you can change your fate, Sajet?" The voice that asked this question behind her was gentle as the wind, who whispered in the trees. "Your fate is unchangeable, Sajet," hissed a second voice to her right. "Why can't you trust us and your skills, child?" asked a third voice from the left. "Come to me, Sajet." This fourth voice came straight from the fish pond in front of her. "Come and see what's in front of you and hear the job we have for you."

Reluctantly carry Sajet to the fish pond and looked inside. The water turned black and suddenly she was standing in a dead landscape. Dead animals and people were everywhere. The trees were just dried skeletons, and the earth was a black stinky swamp beneath them. A choked cry escaped Sajet's lips as she watched the destruction around her. Suddenly she froze. A horde of demons appeared before her. Led by such a horrifying being that human words were unable to describe it. Fear reached for Sajet like an ice-cold hand and she thought she was losing consciousness at any moment. Then the landscape changed again and it was at the fish pond. A sand-colored cat sat beside her at the edge of the pond, and a white cobra curled at her feet.

"What you saw child could be the future of this world if no one stops this creature," said the cat to her. "This is your real enemy and not the Lindworm. It will only steer you in the right direction. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will encounter powerful allies against this enemy. This bracelet with the four amulets will help you in this fight. Their power will gradually reveal itself to you. " "Prepare yourself well for this fight Sajet," hissed the white cobra at her feet. "And also prepare your comrades carefully. But never forget that the enemy often appears in the friend's disguise, Sajet."

Sajet sat up suddenly. The clothes stuck to her sweaty skin. The cool night wind from the mountains made her shiver. Just a dream, she murmured and wrapped herself in her blanket again. Then she saw the bracelet on her wrist. A bracelet with the sacred four animals of their gods. An icy cold spread through her. It was as if she could hear the snake again in her dream, hissing: "Your fate is unchangeable, Sajet ..."