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Stormfist Castle is the dukedom stronghold of Ferol, based in Rivertown.


Constructed prior to the 7th century AD, Stormfist Castle was originally built by the dark wizards who became the Legion of the Damned after being forced from the castle.[1] As such it has been a flashpoint between the armies of Chaos in their various guises and the seven races.

In 611 AD the League of Seven were besieged within its walls by the Legion of the Damned, until a final plan of attack saw the tide of battle turn and the Damned routed from the field. Shortly after, the magic vault below the surface became the final resting place of the Sword of Lies, the last remaining remnant of Chaos' soul on Rivellon.[2] After this war, until at least 1218 AD, the castle was under the rule of the Ferol family, with the last recorded ruler being Duke Janus Ferol. From this time on, Duke Ferol resides with his family the Ferol family has done much to rebuild and renovate the building.[3]


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Notable inhabitants[]

  • Duke Janos Ferol


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