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How I lament the idiocy of mankind. They chase the Great Ancient Ones, paying no need to the true evil that prepares to rear its head again.

Talana is a Dragon Knight found in Broken Valley in 1300 AD.


Talana was the last Dragon Knight before rousing the slumbering dragon powers in the Dragon Slayer. After her encounter with Rhode, she meets the Slayer, while dying from her wounds.

She imparts her power to the Slayer in a dream, thus revealing the true threat and turning the Dragon Slayer into a Dragon Knight. Talana dies from her wounds, although her spirit guides the player's character throughout the game, making waspish but (sometimes) useful comments to them. Her personality is a chivalrous one at least, and berates the player character on completing quests in unjust ways.

Interactions with Player character[]


Slayerbane! My cleaver! Lost in flight. May the creature that finds my weapon use it to strike down Rhode in agony!
Causes Slayerbane to spawn on way to Maxos Temple

Related Quest[]


  • It is later revealed that the voice which guided the player character was in fact Ygerna's.