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Tales of the Seven Gods is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Tales of the Seven Gods

The seven gods were still young when they decided that each of them should have their own race to guide through the eternal flows of time. And thus it happened that Rhalic, the most powerful of all gods, become the patron of the humans. The burly Duna created the dwarves in his own likeness and even lived alongside them in the mountainous caverns. Tir-Cendelius, the Poet, went into the woods and created the elves. He blessed them with near-immortality and wisdom. The reptile goddess Zorl-Stissa wished to command a proud warrior race and thus created the lizard people - fierce fighters from the Wastelands.
The god Vrogir, renowned for his brutality and violence crated the orcs and enslaved them for more than three hundred years before he left Rivellon. Xantezza, the Goddess of mirth and laughter, wanted an intelligent race, versed in the arts of magic around her. She created the imps, who were talented magicians and engineers. The Goddess Amadia was an outsider, preferring to live alone in complete solitude. As the centuries passed, the six races spread over the continent.
One day Amadia's dalliance with a wizard resulted in the birth of several demi-gods. She granted her lover immortality and decided that would act as the patron mother of wizards. Although wizards are not considered as a seperate race, they have always had their own goddess to pay tribute to.