Taurus' House is a residence on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth that is accessible during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It is located across the road from the Cosy Dwelling (between Alzbeta's Emporium and Luxurius' Mansion), and belongs to the Champion Taurus, one of General Luxurius' most trusted and feared men.


The layout of this two-story house is nearly identical Claire's House and the Cosy Dwelling across the street. There are no people within, but you will face a few level 35 undead creatures.

Ground FloorEdit

There is nothing of interest in the foyer and central room. The room to the west contains a trapdoor entrance to the Strange Mausoleum in the southwest corner, which remains locked unless Tom is permitted to keep his finger during the quest Beauty And The Beast. There is also an unlocked chest in this room containing random loot.

North of the central room you'll find the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Second FloorEdit

The first room at the top of the stairs contains nothing of interest. The room to the east has a lever. Pulling it causes a cauldron to lower from the ceiling. If pulled a total of three times, a cauldron containing an Iron Key drops, allowing you to loot the locked Iron Chest in the room.

You can also find Taurus' Shield behind the bed if you've spoken to the beggar Darvesh in Mardaneus Plaza and gave him three gold coins. (It does not spawn unless he is given the coins.)




  • Chest – west room (ground floor), unlocked, contains random loot
  • Iron Chest – bedroom (second floor), locked, key required, contains random loot
  • Iron Key – bedroom (second floor), pull the lever three times to obtain it
  • Taurus' Shield – bedroom (second floor), spawns only if Darvesh is given three gold coins