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Discover the power to manipulate and use objects at a distance
Skill description

Telekinesis is a Mage skill in Divine Divinity.


Allows Lucian to use objects and pickup items from afar. It doesn't work for unidentifed items that are not in a container, but does work on them if they are in a container. One cast per container is enough, but items outside container are picked up one-by-one.

Can be used with Wizard's Sight to take items, even from stores without penalties, albeit in a small time window.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 10 Up to 3 meters. 10
2 14 Up to 5 meters. 12
3 18 Up to 7 meters. 14
4 22 Up to 9 meters. 16
5 26 Up to 12 meters 18


  • Skillbook can be found on bookshelves or bought from NPC's.