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Telekinesis is a civil ability in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Telekinesis is a skill that allows the collection, placement and movement of objects in the world from a distance, this range increases with each point into the ability.

This is useful for collecting items that are behind other objects that block your character from physically standing in-front of them to collect them, it is also helpful to move objects onto traps such as poison traps to block their cloud effect.

Level Range
1 4 meters
2 8 meters
3 12 meters
4 16 meters
5 20 meters
6 24 meters
7 28 meters
8 32 meters

Telekinesis Combat Exploit[]

There is a known combat exploit using Telekinesis which over time can make combat in Divinity Original Sin 2 nearly trivial. This is based on the following aspects:

  • If you move an object via Telekinesis directly onto or at least extremely close to an enemy they will be struck by the object and take damage based on its weight; the object will also sustain damage.
  • All containers in the game have no limit to the number, volume or weight of items that they can hold; the container's weight becomes that of itself plus its contents summed up.
  • Telekinesis has no limit to the weight of the object it can move
  • Some containers, like your initially provided Backpack or an Ornate Chest, are fully invincible objects and won't take damage when they are thrown into an enemy

The above, combined with a player diligently picking up everything that isn't nailed down and putting it into the invincible container and then "carrying" the container via Telekinesis wherever they go (you will need to have the character pick it up into inventory to be able to get it through a site transition door/ladder/portal), will result in a container quickly obtaining a weight in the thousands which when thrown into an enemy via Telekinesis will one-shot kill every enemy in the game.