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Teleporter Activation Scrolls are quest items in Divine Divinity.


These scrolls are used to activate Teleporters around Rivellon. Each race has their own activation scroll which is well guarded to prevent misuse of the teleporters. The scrolls are only needed to activate teleporters: after being activated, the teleporters can be used without a scroll.


Information on scrolls
Name Location
Mage scroll Given by Zandalor
Lizard Scroll Given by Goemoe after he is saved from the Black Ring
Human Scroll Cursed Abbey or from Mitox at the start of quest Ravage the supply Train
Elven scroll Given by Elredor
Dwarven scroll Glenborus, on a table in the town hall; another is given by the dwarven king after finishing the axe of stone quest
Imp scroll Found in the Imp Castle
Orc scroll Found in the commander's tent in the orc camp

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