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Teneb Tiriel is a region in Rivellon.


The native homeland of the elves, the Dark Forest is located south of Ferol. It is a deep forest with lakes, the Warrior's Guild upon a plateau, and further south the elven village of Fiu Nimble; the forest itself is a largely untamed wilderness with the roads flowing naturally between the trees.


Northern forest[]

The northern part of the forest various is home to various creatures, such as spiders, beetles and toads. Spiders and beetles are more prevalent in the west, whereas toads and boas are encountered more in the eastern part. There are also elven ruins and an underground burial chamber, with plenty of ghosts, in the forest.

Southern forest[]

The Southern forest is home to lizardmen, and the Imp Castle, in the southwest and undead to the southeast. The elven village can also be found in the southeastern area of the forest.




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