Dragon Slayers know no fear. Their souls are wrapt in the armour of Divine faith, just as their bodies are wrapt in armour of steel. Thus the Slayers are twice protected, and need fear neither Dragon nor Demon.

The Dragons Slayer must vow the following:

"I solemnly swear to place my life in the service of the great hunt for the Betrayers - accursed be their names - who murdered the Divine and shamed themselves forever in the eyes of all mankind.

"I solemnly swear I shall never waver or tire, but persevere against all odds and in the face of all adversity. No hindrance of any nature shall halt my search; no obstacle shall make me falter.Truthful in friendship and absolute in loyalty I shall, together with my fellow Slayers, conquer all Betrayers I may meet.

"I solemnly swear never to cower in fear, but always to be bold and courageous. Never to flee from the field of battle, but to see every fight through until the foe lies dead before my feet. i shall show no mercy for Dragon or Dragon Knight, but ascertain their demise and that of their offspring, and I shall say 'Shame upon him who thinks this evil".

"These tenets I solemnly swear ever to uphold."