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The Adventure of the Dreaming Gem - Part the Fourth is a book in Divine Divinity.


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*This book claims to be by the famous orc freebooter - Coram Bloodclub. Some say Coram died over ten years ago, some say he might still be alive. This book looks old enough and Bloodclub, despite his name, was renowned as an orc of education and sophistication. Perhaps this tome is indeed from Bloodclub's very own pen... I would be nice to find the other sections of the story.*

The Adventure of the Dreaming Gem.
Reminisced by Coram Bloodclub, orc adventurer and jewel thief.

Part the Fourth - Entry.

I and my companion, the shapely dwarven thief who called herself Shadow, arrived at the Tower of Hastor the Vain on a chilly evening with the snow falling lightly through the trees around us. Shadow appraised the walls grimly.

"It's as I remember from a previous scouting trip," she muttered in a morose tone. "The outer wall encircling the garden is as smooth as crystal and the top is grapnel-proof. How do we get over it orc? Fly?"

"We don't have to go that far just yet, my sweet little bruiser," I replied as lightly as I could. "Lets get a few hours sleep and at moonrise I'll show you something that might surprise you."

However it was Shadow who surprised me, slipping under my sleeping blanket five minutes after we had said goodnight. After as fine a tumble as I ever remember having, she grinned at me with those charming filed teeth of hers and said: "Well? It's the best way to keep warm when you don't dare light a campfire. Besides, you may be dead before we get another chance."

At moonrise (an almost full moon, luckily) we arose, equipped ourselves and set out towards the wall surrounding Hastor's Tower. On arriving at the wall without incident, I slung my sword and my two leather-bound bundles on my back. Then I fitted two iron spikes to the toes of my boots and slipped a pair of knuckledusters with similar spikes over my fists.

"You dwarves may know everything about tunnelling under mountains," I said to Shadow as she piggy-backed onto me between my two bundles, "but give it to us orcs - we know how to climb over them!"

With that I started to drive the spikes into the soft stone of the wall, clambering up its sheer face like a wasp. Our assault on the tower and attempted theft of the Dreaming Gem of Hastor the Vain had begun!

To be continued...