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The Adventures of Folo and Kevin is a book in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. Written by Folo, it is a fictional version of his journey to Aleroth with his pig, Kevin.


Found in room 101 of Madame Eve's on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth.


The Adventures of Folo and Kevin, draft four.

There once was a heroic pig farmer called Folo who lived in a quite [sic] little hamlet called Broken Valley. He lived a happy life together with his precious pigs and he was specially fond of big, pink Kevin. One day Folo came across the last Dragon Knight who turned him into a Dragon. Because Folo was from then on a Dragon Knight, he could now speak to his beloved Kevin. Kevin told Folo that they needed to defeat Halliwell, the leader of the Seekers, who ordered the confiscation of their beloved pigs and family. Folo and his new-found sidekick decided to head to the legendary Sentinel Island in order to defeat the evil ruler of the Battle Tower, Richard of Aleroth. They needed this tower as a homebase to operate from and that sleazebag Richard was occupying unrightfully. After defeating Richard in a mud fight the island was attacked by Halliwell. Together with Kevin, who could now fly with his new-found powers, Folo defeated Halliwell's forces. They were finally ready to go to Aleroth to confront the leader of the Rivertown Seekers, the one who took his pigs from him and murdered Kevin's family. To be continued...