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The Adventures of Robin Wood, Greatest of Rangers is a book in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Found at the foot of Aravir's stool, to the west of the village square statue in Farglow


Many are the tales of Robin Wood: the famous archer who took from the poor and gave to the rich in an effort to clear the wood of beggars and vagrants who camped among the trees, littering and destroying the natural beauty of the forest. Fiercely protective of the wild he ensured the safety of all animals in the lands he frequented, constantly hunting down bandits and checking goblin progress.

The volume details many of his famed escapades, such as tracking and killing the giant goblin Grog Toothbasher; the Battle of the Blind Dead, in which he commanded a battalion of rangers during a night time assault on a congregation of necromancers; and the valiant rescue of Mittens, the cat of princess Ferika of Ferol that got stuck in a tree.


The book is a reference to Robin Hood, a character from English folklore.