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The Angry Troll is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. This quest is obtained from Grumble, a troll that can be found South East of Fumble the troll. Grumble demands a toll for a broken bridge.


  1. Win the minigame (2065 Charisma XP).
  2. When you try to exit the dialogue, you will have 2 choices:
    • Pay 1000 gold for the toll (+1 Cautious).
    • Refuse to pay the toll and kill the troll (+1 Bold, 2750 XP, +2750 XP per hog).


  • 2065 Charisma XP
  • +1 Cautious and -1000 gold if you pay the toll
  • +1 Bold and 2750 XP if you kill the troll (+2750 XP per hog)