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The Atrocities of Samuel Puppykiller, Evilest of Mages is a book in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Found on the Dragon Knight's bed in the Battle Tower


Behave or Samuel will come for you" is a threat most naughty children have heard at least a dozen times accompanied by parents and teachers' fingers waved in warning. Now that Samuel is long dead - at least that is what everybody hopes - this dark fate will always fail to materialise. But so brutal were the horrors committed by the infamous wizard known as the Puppykiller, that the mere mention of his name may still imbue rank fear and panic.

How he actually earned his nickname not even the author of this book could verify, but one can make an educated guess. In these pages are detailed a multitude of his excesses best not read by the faint of heart. Most attention is paid to the calamity that befell the village of Colbosc. In this otherwise undisturbed rural hamlet, Samuel created havoc by casting a sleeping spell over the entire village: only to proceed with the flaying of every inhabitant, young and old - a gruesome act that took him days to finish. When it was over, he removed the spell at dawn and with great delight listened to the cries of horror and agony as the villagers woke up devoid of skin. Within hours all lay dead in a ghastly spectacle witnessed only by a group of travelling warriors belonging to the Divine Order who had come to the village for supplies. Horrified they burnt down the entire village - every house, farm and every carcass. Now only the elements haunt the blackened grounds where once there stood the village of Colbosc.