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On the road through Hunter's Edge from the Blood Fountain to the Orc Tavern, there is an orc by the name of Nurt standing behind an empty cart right across the street from the gallows. Speaking to him reveals that he runs a shady business: selling Tenebrium gear despite spoils of war being required to go straight to the All-Mother Grutilda. This activates the quest.


With the quest is active the player is able to talk to Grutilda in the Orc Tavern about Nurt's dealings. (Note: If it is the first time you're talking to her, ask Grutilda whether she's the leader of Orcs. This will make the Back-Alley Trader dialogue available). Two choices are present in the following conversation:

  • Tell Grutilda that Nurt is selling high-quality items for +1 Righteous, +35 Attitude (+25 during, and +10 at the end of the dialogue), and 6800 XP for quest completion. Grutilda will go to Nurt, talk to and execute him. He will not drop anything, but his body can be looted at the gallows for standard orc corpse loot, no gear.
  • Tell Grutilda that Nurt is not selling anything unusual for +1 Renegade and keep Nurt as a trader until the conclusion of the quest later in the story.


  • 6800 XP, +35 Attitude with Grutilda and +1 Righteous, or...
  • +1 Renegade