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The Birth of the Raanaar: Part 1 is a book in Beyond Divinity.


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The Birth of the Raanaar: Part 1, by Rashasam, Priestess of Raan

Back in the distant past, when half the land was molten rock, the gods and demons fought long and hard for their share of the hearts and minds of the creatures that emerged from the primordial soup beneath them. Where their blood fell, new races sprung forth. When the God Arharis struck out with his great sword, forged of thunderbolt iron, and slashed the thick, scaly skin of the ancient arch-demon Morlock, the resulting drops of blood (for it was only a mere scratch to the demon) gave birth to the Imp race. As Morlock struck back with his trident of flame, he caught Arharis a glancing blow across the neck and, as his blood fell, so the race of the humans came into being.