Wednesday: All hell was broken loose here today. Elsa is having a right old time serving the Seekers. They pester her something chronic and I'm afraid to ask them to leave. Besides, their money is as good as any other's. Still, it's been awfully quiet in here these past few ays. I just can't understand why.

Thursday: Where have that pair Stan and Ollie gone to? They are my main staple and my purse rattles emptily. The young lads who are taken with Elsa came in for a couple of ales and to admire the view. A fight broke out between them and the Seekers over Elsa when one of the Seekers slapped her where he shouldn't. she is a respectable girl, that Elsa. I caught a black eye myself. I really must do something about these pesky Seekers.

Friday: What a day! As soon as I opened the door the Seekers were once again at their regular table demanding ale, with fewer manners than swine. Doctor Needleman crept past swiftly wearing that crazy hat. I am starting to wonder if he is losing his marbles. But thinking back on it, he alwasy was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Anyway, I'm going to have to find a way to get rid of these Seekers.

Saturday: Strange happening today. Blacksmith Derk comes in for a pint and he was behaving very shiftily. He sat down in the darkest corner of the tavern. Then shortly after Dana arrived and joined him. They looked as thick as thieves. Elsa has been talking to Fanny and they both think Derk 'n' Dana are having a sordid affair. But I don't like to get mixed up in the lives of my patrons. The Seekers are still here. I am even starting to miss that miser Locke .

Sunday:After hours of heavy ponder I have come up with a cunning plan to get rid of those damn Seekers. I will as the next savvy-looking Dragon Slayer who enters the Black Boar to rid my humble abode of them. I hear a delegation of them is travelling here because of the Dragon sightings.