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The whiff of chemistry assails you. You know that it's all in your imagination, but still your throat constricts, your stomach turns, and your vision swims before you. As your vision clears the spirit is revealed - a lizard. He has eyes only for the lizard Lone Wolf who stands before him.

The Black Widowmaker was a poisoner, now a spirit haunting Snakeroot at Cullwoods Mill in 1242 AD.


A master poisoner, he created a poison which tasted and looked like healing elixir but was tricked into drinking it by the mercenary Snakeroot, in order for her to steal his own book. Ever since his death, he continues to haunt her and desires her death.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • It is possible to fully speak with him only once

Related Quests[]

  • Bitter Tonic - he wants Snakeroot dead