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The Burning Cart is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Arrive at the cart.
  • Head back to Marcus and tell him the news.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

When arriving back to cart which had a broken wheel, Lucian will find it in flames.


  • Off to Marcus, to tell him the bad news.


  • Search the area (as the journal suggests searching for clues). Following the blood trail, east from Dwarven Bread Inn you find the bodies of the cart drivers, and eventually a cave. Inside the cave Victorio and Melora will arrive. They can be avoided (by using Teleporter pyramid) or killed. Only the letter in the cave is important.


When it comes to solving the whole Tingalf black market mystery, it's not necessary to follow the journal; Starting this quest spawns Pedro in Rivertown Sewers and Letter from Victorio to Pedro in the cave. To skip quests at this point, head to the sewers, kill Pedro, take the letter he drops and show it to Marcus.

This method has a possibility to break the following quests: