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The Captives In The Crystals is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.

Quick Walkthrough[]

This quest is obtained when breaking the ice encasing any one of the three prisoners involved in this quest. The location of the hidden hatch mentioned by 2/3 prisoners when you help them is under a huge skull shaped rock, North of Fabricio's camp.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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Arroka the Earth Elemental[]

Location: Directly South of the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint Portal.

Haizea the Yeti[]

Location: Directly South of The Guardian and Wishing Well. You only have the option of fighting the snowmen on this one.

Antzinga the Ice Elemental[]

Location: North East of the Hiberheim Castle Waypoint Portal (You will have to go around).


Arroka the Earth Elemental[]

Defend Arroka
  • +1 Renegade
  • 5940 XP for killing the snowmen
  • Before you talk to Arroka, you can also attack him and get his loot, but you'll be unable to choose the Charisma minigame.
  • 3300 Charisma XP if you win the minigame + learn the location of a hidden hatch into the prison
Help the Snowmen
  • +1 Righteous
  • 2830 XP for killing Arroka
  • Better Loot (2 legendaries + 1 rare). In the enhanced edition this has been changed to 1 epic and 2 rare items.

Haizea the Yeti[]

  • 3960 XP for killing the snowmen
  • +1 Egotistical if you help Haizea + Learn the location of a hidden hatch into the prison
  • +1 Altruistic + 3300 XP if you decide to kill Haizea + Better loot

Antzinga the Ice Elemental[]

Defend Antzinga
  • +1 Forgiving
  • 5940 XP for killing the snowmen
  • He tells you how to disable the forcefield that bars the way into Boreas' treasure room.
  • He tells you to use a medallion (found in The Chest by the Well) in the middle of Boreas' treasure room which gets you the Winter Ring.
Help The Snowmen
  • +1 Vindictive
  • 2830 XP for killing Antzinga
  • Better Loot


  • While you may be morally inclined to side with the prisoners, killing them offers much better loot. [citation needed]
  • You still can get through the forcefield without Antzinga's help. Just explore Kings's room walking near walls with character with high Perception, if Wolgraff in party he can do it. In process you will find out that one of statues in the wall is interactable. Its recommended to interract with it after you freed elementals at Elemental Forge.
  • Tossing a teleporter pyramid through the forcefields is old method and may not work in latest version.