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The Collected Notes on Trim Daedalus - the Assassin: Part Three is a book in Divine Divinity.



Collected Notes on Trim Daedalus - the Assassin: Part Three.

Trim Daedalus murdered performed his black duties without mercy. Those that managed to catch his eyes often told of their hearts almost freezing at the hate that dwelled there. The darkest of Trim's deeds was the time he murdered five families during the harvest. None were spared - not even the children. The Assassin's Guild were quick to disassociate themselves from such a crime but a close contact of Trim's told how Trim once confessed that he committed the crime in a fit of fury because he would never have a family of his own. By the time his fortieth year visited Trim, he left the Dukedom, never to be seen again. One can only speculate about the fate of this miserable, broken man.