This quest is obtained in Cyseal when you find any one of three items incriminating Esmeralda in the murder of Councillor Jake. If you have not yet obtained this quest, refer to the walkthrough.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Obtain permission from Aureus at Legionnaire Headquarters to visit the scene of the murder.
  2. Visit Esmeralda's shop and speak to her. She will proclaim her innocence.
  3. Steal Esmeralda's house key from upstairs. Sneak into her study by either using the sneak ability or the back entrance to the house.
  4. Pick up the book, The Perfect MurderDOS Items Quest The Perfect Murder, from the desk (260 XP).
  5. Proceed into the next room and steal the Inn Chest Key and go down to the basement.
  6. Pick up the Ham from the wall to reveal a switch. Press the switch.
  7. Pick up the Bloody DaggerDOS Items Unique Bloody Dagger from the table (260 XP).
  8. Go to the King Crab Tavern and visit the scene of the murder. Open the chest to pick up the Poem (260 XP).
  9. Confront Esmeralda with the evidence. She will claim to be innocent but reveal that Jake has been in close company with Evelyn for the past few months.
  10. Return to Aureus and discuss Jake's murder and Esmeralda to obtain a dialogue option to arrest her.
    • Choose to arrest her based on the flimsy evidence for +1 Renegade (1800 XP).
    • Choose not to arrest her for +1 Righteous (1800 XP).

Reward Edit

  • 260 XP for each incriminating item found
  • 1800 XP for considering having her arrested
  • +1 Righteous or +1 Renegade