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The Dragon Knight, also known as The Dragon Slayer or Slayer for short, is the player character in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga. Their appearance, gender and voice are chosen by the player upon character creation.


An initiate into the order of the Dragon Slayers, nothing is known of their past other than that they received extensive training at a Slayer Academy. In 1300 AD they accompanied Commander Rhode, Marius, and some fellow slayers via a zeppelin to the mountain hamlet of Farglow as one of the final steps of their training.

In Farglow the slayer was bestowed dragon memories by the town's archmage Morgana, granting them a resistance to the mental attacks they would face when fighting dragons. Receiving the dragon memories turned the slayer's eyes silver and allowed them to see ghosts such as Morgana's companion Toral; this also had the side effect of causing the initiate to forget their slayer training. The training was not for naught, however, as it would allow them to relearn their lost skills, as well as new skills much quicker than the uninitiated.

To this end the slayer was directed to speak to one of three instructors living in Farglow: Aravir, Alberic and Gawain, in order to begin the process of relearning an aspect of their training. The Slayer was also granted the gift of Mindread by a slayer by the name of Isobel.

The slayer's initiation was interrupted, however, by news of a Dragon Knight being spotted in Broken Valley. Despite the slayer needing to undergo a ritual to channel their newly-acquired dragon memories, investigating the dragon sightings was a higher priority regardless of the risk, and so the newly reborn slayer returned to the zeppelin with the slayer group they arrived with and set a course for the valley.

After arriving outside Broken Valley Village, the slayer, ordered by Rhode, set to questioning the villagers in order to ascertain the dragon knight's location. Upon returning to Rhode the slayer began experiencing pain and hallucinations; attributed to the dragon memories. Sent by Rhode to face the undead located in the catacombs below the village's chapel, in place of the final ritual in Rivertown's Slayer Academy under normal circumstances to settle the the dragon memories by the harrowing experience they would encounter.

Upon descending into the catacombs, they encountered the ghost of Lord Arben, a renowned dragon slayer who was unable to pass into the Hall of Echoes until the final dragon knight was slain. Understanding the slayer's plight, Arben challenged them to a battle in which he was defeated. Seeing their potential, Arben gifted the slayer his sword in the hopes that they would use it to strike down the last dragon knight, Talana.

Questioned by Rhode upon their return, the slayer was informed that they would not be partaking in the hunt for Talana, as she expected the slayer to do great things in the future; not wanting the slayer's life to be cut short. The slayer was forced to surrender Arben's sword to Rhode, who intending to honour Arben's wish. Despite Rhode's orders, the slayer eventually ventured further into the valley in search for the dragon knight, encountering Talana in her death throes after barely escaping a battle with the Commander. Talana reached out to the young slayer's mind, imbuing them with her draconic powers; thus sending them into a dream where the reality of recent history and the present activities of the Black Ring were revealed.

When the newly-reborn dragon knight stirred from their sleep, Damian had arrived revealing that he too saw the knight's dream; issuing a grim warning to the knight to abandon Talana's quest before departing. The knight was then approached by Zandalor, who informs the knight of their part to play in how history will unfold, and that Damian must be defeated. To this end Zandalor advised the knight to seek aid from the ghost of Lord Lovis, a dragon knight that once ruled Broken Valley from his tower. Not a moment after Zandalor departed the dragon knight began hearing Talana's voice in their head; the voice agreed with Zandalor, and instructed the knight to tell Lovis that it was Talana who sent them.

After ascending Lovis' Tower and earning an audience with him by answering five riddles, the knight conversed with Lord Lovis, who informed them of the full scope of Talana's plan. Talana had intended to enter the Hall of Echoes in search of the soul of Ygerna, Damian's lover with whom he was Soul Forged; normally soul forging would link the lives of two souls, but as Damian had cast the soul forge upon her moments after her execution at the hands of Lucian the Divine, the spell's nature was inverted. According to Lovis, Talana wished to resurrect Ygerna in the hopes that doing so would end Damian's life.

Lord Lovis revealed that his former master Maxos had found a way into the Hall of Echoes shortly before he disappeared, and that he had written notes about it that would likely help the knight follow in Maxos' footsteps. Lovis speculated that Maxos' notes might be located in his temple in the valley, and directed the knight there after asking a favor of them.

The knight eventually arrives at the Maxos' temple, having had to fight through a small force of Black Ring to get there. Upon their arrival they came across Commander Rhode conversing with Marius and two other slayers. The knight's presence is noticed and Rhode angrily questioned why they disobeyed her orders, but quickly noticed the knight's transformation. Rhode ordered Marius and his fellow slayers to kill the dragon knight, but not before returning Arben's sword to the knight and asking them to keep their order's tenets in mind as they died. After Rhode left, Marius and his fellow slayers attacked the dragon knight, but were themselves slain.

The dragon knight entered the temple and was met by Zandalor, who congratulated them on their progress thus far before disappearing. The knight progressed through the temple, completing the trials designed by the temple's old master Maxos to test fledgling dragon knights on their path to ascension. Eventually the knight was confronted by Dead Sassan, a peculiar undead that was a patchwork of pieces taken from various corpses. Dead Sassan informs the dragon knight that she is a servant Laiken, the current master of Maxos' Battle Tower, and that she was not there to hinder the knight in anyway, but rather she wished to mock the knight before they entered the Eternal Maze, where Dead Sassan believed the knight would perish.

After traversing the maze, the dragon knight descended further into the temple, where they encountered members of the Black Ring ransacking an old library despite the unheard protests of the ghostly Librarian in search of Maxos' notes. The Black Ring notice the dragon knight and attack them but are dispatched. The Librarian introduces himself and his library as the greatest store of dragon lore in rivellon, though he laments that he is missing but a single book from his collection, the first volume of the Orbis Arcesso. After the knight inquires about the location of Maxos' notes on the Hall of Echoes, the Librarian informs the dragon knight that no such book is stored within his library, but he speculates that it may be hidden somewhere else in the temple.

Past the lamenting ghosts of Maxos' former followers the dragon knight encounters a dragon residing in a massive cavern with an altar of blood as its centrepiece. The dragon introduces itself as Amdusias, a former disciple of Maxos and rival to Lovis that had failed the trials and was thus denied his dragon form. In his rage, Amdusias had used a spell to force himself to take the form of a dragon, but in doing so trapped him in that form as he was unable to perform the spell needed to reverse the process.

Unable to stand up against Amdusias' dragon form, the dragon knight was forced to retreat until they could find a way to reverse the spell and thus render Amdusias vulnerable. The dragon knight learned that the first volume of the Orbis Arcesso was what contained the spell that Amdusias used to transform into a dragon and, after locating it, learned that the second volume detailed the spell that would reverse it. The knight returned the first volume to the Librarian in return for the second volume and, after gathering the ingredients needed for the spell, used it to revert Amdusias to his human form.

With Amdusias' death, the book containing Maxos' notes appeared upon the blood altar. The knight read the book, and learnt that to enter the Hall of Echoes they would require four key components: a dragon to reveal the entrance's location, a spell to reveal the door, a sigil to unlock it, and a shield to protect themselves while inside. The notes contained the locations of all components but the dragon, and Talana informed the dragon knight that their first destination would be to find the spell in Maxos' quarters in his Battle Tower, and that the Tower also held the secret to unlocking the knight's ability to shift into dragon form.

The knight descended a set of stairs previously blocked by a barrier that had fallen when Amdusias was slain. The stairs led to a corridor that opened out into an impossibly open room, the floor a ledge of stone seemingly surrounded by open sky and clouds, a lone teleporter shrine sat at the tip of the ledge flanked by crumbling pillars, and a statue made in the likeness of Maxos floated out of reach. Waiting within the room was Damian, who chastised the dragon knight for continuing on their quest before teleporting away, leaving in his wake two Black Ring Captains who immediately attacked the knight. After dispatching the captains, the knight stepped through the teleporter shrine.


The appearance, gender and voice of the Dragon Knight's human form are chosen during character creation, though all aspects may be altered upon visiting an illusionist. During their Slayer initiation in Farglow, the knight's eyes become silver.

In their Dragon form, the knight has brown scales and their eyes retain their silver coloration.

Notably, the knight's dragon form has 'wyvernlike' features, possessing two hind legs and two wings in place of forearms, whereas most other dragons in the series (including most of the dragon/dragon knight skeletons found in DKS) have the features of more traditional european dragons, possessing four legs and wings. This trait is shared with Talana's dragon form and Patriarch (as they and the player's dragon form all share the same base model).