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The Escape is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. The Escape is the first quest you are given after escaping The Hold and it is for the moment the player's primary goal.
  2. The player will encounter two Viscous Voidlings on the way to the camp, defeat them and the progress will update.
  3. The player has many options to escape the fort.
    1. Following the quest Signs of Resistance.
    2. Slaying Kniles the Flenser and escaping through a pipe in his room.
    3. Escaping via the draw bridge within the fort itself.
    4. Take a ship in the fort prison
    5. Sneak out through a window near high judge Orivand
  4. Arrive at the Sanctuary of Amadia or help Gareth during Most Dangerous When Cornered first, then go to the Sanctuary of Amadia.
  5. The player will be informed that they require a purging wand to help the escape
    1. Acquisition 1: The Purged Dragon, don't give the wand to Slane.
    2. Acquisition 2: Finish the Vault of Braccus Rex to acquire one.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Upon landing on Fort Joy beach, travel south to Fort Joy camp. If one bears to the west, they will encounter the Red Prince, who can be convinced to join the party.


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