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The Exciting Tales of Rothbarg the Barbarian: Part One is a book in Divine Divinity.


Pierce, the Wine Merchant's shop in Verdistis.


The Exciting Tales of Rothbarg the Barbarian: Part One.

Rothbarg was a mighty barbarian who rode a magnificent white stallion. It is said that he hailed from a small tribe in the grasslands but no one can say in certainty. Rothbarg's companion was a sturdy dwarf named Ecmar, who used to be a skilled blacksmith in Glenborus.

One day Rothbarg decided that it was about time he should slay a dragon to prove his manhood and magnificence. Together with Ecmar he ventured to a cave wherein lay a huge wyrm. The ensuing battle was hard and at one moment it looked as if Rothbarg would be the wyrm's next meal. However together with Ecmar and his dauntless will, which it is said he inherited from his father, he slew the foul beast and took one of its giant horns as proof of his mighty deed...