The Farglow Connection is a quest in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


  1. Follow the southeast path to Farglow.
  2. As you approach the gateway to Farglow, Edmund will suggest you speak to Morgana.
  3. After speaking with Morgana, return to the bridge.
  4. Isobel will confront and teach you Mindreading.
    • Note: Mindreading can be used to obtain information that characters would prefer to keep quiet; however, mindreading incurs an XP debt that is paid back when XP is earned.
    • Recommendation: You should mindread Barbara, Edmund, and Gerald. While not necessary to the quest, the rewards can be useful.
  5. Visit Gawain (Warrior), Aravir (Ranger), or Alberic (Mage) to select a starting class. The quest completes at this point.

Return to and speak with Rhode to proceed to the next location.

Things to doEdit

  • While in Farglow, you can try each class at the arena. Find Sonja who stands next to a magical barrier past Gawain.
  • Slay all Chickens and rabbits between the zeppelin and Morgana.
  • Slay the 4 Training Goblins within the arena. Speak to Sonja again to respawn the goblins.
    Note 1: Most creatures do not respawn; therefore, XP is a scarce and valuable resource.
    Note 2: Level 3 is the maximum achievable level in Farglow and requires slaying nearly 700 goblins.
  • Loot all containers you can find. There are two locked chests: one unlocked with Lockpicking and the other unlocked with a Key.
    Note 1: At a minimum, you must have either obtained and read the Skill Book found in the arena or achieved Level 2 to assign a skill point to Lockpicking.
    Note 2: Mindreading Edmund reveals the location of a Key, which only appears in that location after mindreading Gerald.


  1. Base: 50 XP and 200 gold
  2. Add: 50 XP or 200 gold
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