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I arrived in Farglow where I must undergo a ritual that will make me a real Dragon Slayer. My Commander, Rhode, instructed me to enter the village and seek out some people there who can apparently teach me valuable things.

The Farglow Connection is a main quest given by Rhode in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Once accepted basic tutorial instructions (camera and character movement, jumping and interacting with objects/NPCs) in form of onscreen text at the bottom part of the screen and above the HUD.

To progress this quest follow the road up to Farglow itself. At the entrance Edmund will great the slayer initiate automatically. Edmund will direct the initiate to go to the waterfall where archmage Morgana resides.

To get to the waterfall, cross the small bridge to the left and through the archway to the north, Morgana is found near by the Divine Memorial Flame, a shrine with lit flame held by stone dragons. A small cutscene will trigger in close proximity to Morgana.

Speak with Morgana and tell her "you are ready to receive the Dragon Memories". A small cutscene will take place and the initiates eyes will change to silver and gain the ability to see ghosts. The first ghost seen is the spirit of alchemist Toral. Return to the bridge and speak with Isobel. She will grant the passive skill Mindreading, which can be immediately used on her; however, it isn't required to progress the quest.

After speaking to Isobel go to either the warrior trainer Gawain, archer trainer Aravir or mage trainer Alberic. These three represent three starting classes one of which must be chosen.

Once a class has been chosen, the quest is completed the quest, resulting in 1 skill and a weapon corresponding to the chosen class. If unsure which class to choose, test your skills in the arena which is accessed by speaking with Sonja who will summon few enemies to practice on. It is possible to change class by speaking with the trainers as many times as needed.

Once finished return to Rhode by following the same path into Farglow.


  • Default: 50 XP and 200 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 25 XP or 100 gold