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The Fish Thief is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin. The quest is triggered when you enter the Cyseal market from the West.


The quest has different outcomes depending on what you choose to say.

  • Stop the man from stealing the fish. (+1 Righteous, +50 attitude with the fish vendor)
  • Convince him to steal the fish. (+1 Renegade, additional choice)

If he steals the fish, a guard catches him in the act, rushes over and asks the player for their testimony.

  • Tell the guard the thief paid for the fish. (+1 Considerate)
  • Tell the guard that he stole the fish. (+1 Blunt)


  • 180 XP no matter what option you choose
  • + 1 Righteous or +1 Renegade depending on whether you prevent or allow the man to steal the fish
  • + 1 Considerate or +1 Blunt depending on whether you help the thief or tell the truth to the guard, provided you first convinced him to steal the fish
  • + 50 attitude with the fish vendor if you prevent the thief from stealing the fish