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The Goblin Village is an unlabeled quest in Divinity: Original Sin. It involves interacting with a Goblin Shaman who toys with the superstitious beliefs of the goblins in the village. The village itself is located in Luculla, South East of the Queen Spider and North of the Goblin Village Waypoint Portal.


  1. Approach the Guard at the entrance to the Goblin Village and win the Charisma game (9000XP, Use Reason for a +1 bonus).
  2. Speak to the totem for permission to trade with the goblins. You will have to repeat the same choices you during Guards At The Bridge, The Fish Thief and An-A-Mount Of Healing Magic. Just as with those quests, you will get an additional +1 Independent or Obedient, +1 Righteous or Renegade and +1 Compassionate or Heartless. Failing the test will cause the goblins to attack.
    • Note: You can also jump to step 4 and kill the Shaman, allowing you to use the speaker to give yourself permission.
  3. To the eastern edge, within the village, you will find a hatch if your perception is high enough. Enter the hatch while sneaking.
  4. Confront the goblin Shaman. Choose between +1 Forgiving or +1 Vindictive.
  5. If you killed the shaman, you can now interact with the speaking tube to order the goblins to shower you with gifts or to give yourself the run of the camp.
  6. Destroy the totem for a Blood StoneDOS Items Quest Blood Stone.jpg. The goblins will attack you if you do. Be sure to attack from one side and not from the center of the village to make things easier.


  • If you spare the Shaman while confronting him and then kill him later, the goblins will continue to receive orders from the totem.


  • 43050 XP for killing the Goblins
  • 4500 XP for killing the Shaman + Shaman loot (lots of skillbooks)
  • 9000 Charisma XP
  • Blood StoneDOS Items Quest Blood Stone.jpg if you destroy the totem
  • Loot chest if you used the speaker next to the shaman.
  • +1 Independent or +1 Obedient
  • +1 Righteous or +1 Renegade
  • +1 Compassionate or +1 Heartless
  • +1 Forgiving or +1 Vindictive

Goblin Totem