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Far from a scientific treatise, the book Ryker was reading is a work of memoir by a high-ranking Paladin whose experiences during the Great War left him utterly without faith in the Divine Order.

The green stone is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Found at Ryker's Rest.


When I was a little boy in the deserts of Mezd, I spent a lot of time wandering around alone. Once I found a pebble, small and bright and green, like a fierce eye. I never saw a pebble like it before or since, though I've seen its colour in the collars we clamp on Sourcerers.

I brought the pebble home and showed it to my grandfather. He was a Paladin, but very old. He said to me 'Now, that is something, young one. That is completely new kind of matter entirely!' His eyes glittered with zeal as he found a way to expand my discovery into a sermon on the Void and its seductive evils. As usual.

A wiser child would have cottoned on to the fact that one could often trust the first thing out of grandfather's mouth, the thing said before any filter kicked in. But the second thing, the lecture pieced together by a fraying mind, those words could be disregarded.

No matter, the seed of discovery was planted. I cherished that pebble. Through childhood and adolescence, into the Divine Order and the life of a soldier. It stayed with me always and gave me hope when there was none to be had from the world. It reassured me that I was special...